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History of Scarves

The modern scarf has its origins all the way in Ancient Egypt, where the first recorded scarf was used by Queen Nefertiti who was said to have worn a “tightly woven scarf topped with a conical headdress” in 1350 BC. Under the Chinese Emperor Cheng, scarves made of cloth were used to mark military rank. Later on in Croatia, the scarf continued to play a role in military ranking, with higher ups wearing silk scarves and lower ranking soldiers wearing cotton.

However, it wasn’t until the 19th century that scarves became a popular fashion accessory. For the greatest portion of its history, the scarf was subjected to use as a sweat cloth, or to keep clean. That changed when fashion designers saw the potential to capitalize on the fabrics and designs coming out of regions such as India.

The French fashion empire Hermes designed the first ready-to-wear graphic silk scarf in 1837. That same year, the fashion industry in Europe and America embraced scarves after Queen Victoria sat on her throne and popularized gorgeous silk cravats with stunning graphic prints. The designs and fabrics used denoted class ranking, and served to signify fashion sense. The birth of the modern scarf had just taken place.



Differences Between A Scarf, Shawl, Stole And Wrap

A long-awaited confusion that often raises curiosity among fashion lovers is the difference between the scarf, shawl, stole, and wrap. So, let’s take some time today and resolve this question for everyone.

The first thing we must know that though many people use these terms synonymous; they are not the same. Each of the terms, scarf, shawl, stole and wrap represent different things as well as different purposes.


The scarf is one of the most popular accessories that are being used extensively in the fashion domain. You can often see Hollywood celebrities donning scarves along with jackets or coats. Winter fashion is almost incomplete without the use of a scarf. No wonder, our big fat snowman is also a huge fan of the scarf as you can barely imagine one without one red scarf.

The scarf is a rectangular or square piece of cloth that has been used to wrap around the neck. It can be teamed up with both casual and formal outfits effortlessly. Many people use it as the headscarf as well. There are so many varieties of the scarf depending on the material, style, and color. Among all, Cashmere Scarf is one of the most popular and exclusive.


The shawl is slightly bigger than the scarf and available in a rectangular shape, though you can also get the square shape sometimes. The purpose of the shawl is not only to wrap around the neck as you can easily cover the upper part of the body. Generally, the dimension of the shawl is around 100*200 cm.

The shawl is known for its elegant appearance. Both formal and casual attire will look elegant when you wear it with the shawl. There are so many ways you can wear a shawl and each of the styles will look awesome. During winter, it will help you to stay in a style game. With the pretty embroidery or the classic colors, any shawl can vamp up your winter wardrobe.


If you consider the shawl is for classic women, then stole is for the youthful style icon. It is kind of a shawl, but way lighter and fancier. If you compare the stole, it is narrower than the shawl. You will get stoles in Pashmina and silk but a few manufacturers are producing fur stole nowadays. The style of stole goes well with formal evening wear or it can bring texture to a plain look.


If you check the literal meaning of the wrap, then you will find that many times, it is referred to as the shawl or stole. However, there is a basic difference among these style accessories. The wrap is used casually. While most of the shawls are made of natural fabric like wool, Pashmina, or silk, the wraps are made of fancier fabric. Most of the time; the wraps come up with the contemporary design as per the trend while shawls are the classic item of the wardrobe. No matter what you call them, these finished fabrics will not only amp up your style but keep you warm on colder days.



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