A word from Angelina…

My inspiration for this collection comes from two different source-monarchs and gladiators.

The regal nature of royalty is mixed with the true heart of the gladiator to create a look that seeks to represent everyone’s full potential, their highest form-their soul. When people are wearing this collection and look in the mirror I want them to see the elegance of monarch intertwined with the fierceness of a gladiator. When the world we live in often forces us to be gladiators, fighting to succeed or even survive- I believe that everyone deserves to be able to feel like a royalty.

The F/W Collection begins majestically, but quickly you see a melding with passion and the royal gladiator starts to shine. I utilized various fabrics such as lace, prints, sequins, velvet and satin to express the personality of each dress. Silhouettes such as tent, mini, sheath, and mermaid are used in this collection to showcase the mission of Casa De Angelina, which is to create fashion statements that allow each client to express themselves with confidence, style, intelligence, and glamour.

Sometimes everything goes right, yet at other times we have to be the gladiators, fighting hard for something we believe in. there is evil depicted in the news every day, this collection sends a message that we can fight that evil by expressing our true soul as the royal gladiators of the world. Let’s all be heroes by spreading passion and love. 


“All we are looking for is love and a little light. We can be heroes me and you”.-Alesso