Ready-To-Wear: deJesus

Angelina believes that every woman should be able to dress in a way that reflects her personality, sense of style and inner beauty. We create designs that allow women to express who they are and to feel confident and beautiful for all of life's occasions. Combining unique colors and textures, and drawing inspiration from every corner of the world, we aim to offer truly exceptional pieces that will have you feeling special and standing out from the crowd.

The designs for each dress are done in Angelina's studio in Massachusetts,USA. Samples and Flat Patterns are made by hand and then shipped to the Factory in Los Angeles, CA. Fabrics, Notions, Labels, Packaging and Trims are sourced from leading suppliers in the United States. Each dress goes through extensive quality control to ensure perfection. Angelina visits the factory regularly to meet with her factory foreman to maintain the highest standards. Shipments to stores and individual clients are managed by Angelina's staff.

Angelina's inspiration for each this collection comes from a melting of her Island foundation, her love for Luxury and her formal training in Colleges from California to Massachusetts,USA. From her foundation to her life today on Earth, Faith, Love, Compassion, and a warrior in her own life, will always be a part of every collection's inspiration, as will extreme attention to intricate details.

Our brand is intended to fit all women's lifestyles, one piece at a time, making it possible to create a glamorous wardrobe with the future in mind.

Excepts from our latest RTW Runway Presentation

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