Got this one
out of nowhere,
you can get it.
Valentine’s over but
not you and I
However and wherever.
We have connected again.
Wild kingdom, fireworks,
lounges, cheers to us and 
back to fireworks.

Got this one
Married him.
On the highway of life.
Let’s go high speed,
never to slow down.
Life is short but not for us,
we are doing it right.

Got this one
he's married,
scared of shit 
of the reaction
so let's just stay
warm friends.

Got this one
Why are you so far?
Days would be filled with fun,
if you were around.
Built something special for the books.
You're the gentlemen, if only you were closer.

Got this one
In that chatroom,
moved to whatsapp,
moved to my phone,
and the conversations
is always on 5g.
not sure how long this will last
but every second is so special.

Got this one
broke my heart so bad.
tears was shed but replaced
by the strength that I rebuilt.
my price has always been high,
now my price has gotten higher.
One goal and the past ain’t it.
Grateful for all the heartbreaks
now people can never break me again.

Got this one
Everything is so brand new
but so far it’s just right
Not feeling lonely as much
Conversations are so clear.
Possibilities are relaxing in my mind.
Flew around the world now here is the place I’m at.
Got this one
In New York but he flies,
meaning does what he wants
so I’m flying to Rhode Island.
Can’t you see, I don't have time.

Got the same one 
In New York City.
Why do you play games
then love me so highly.
And how can it be just you
When it’s not just me.
Fukk if you was suppose to be the one,
I don't have time
See you in 2 weeks,
I got Newport calling.

Full Circle
I'm just looking for one.
Got this one
No details but
I didnt fukk up,
I'm just a Gladiator
so my peace is what
he's getting from me.
Got this one
He doesn’t even 
bother me anymore.
Me and God
Fighting this war.
Got this one
He wants to be the priority
But I got this one, God.
They can’t fukk with me
and the God within me.

Angelina deJesus Solomon

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