Block by block

Block by block this home will get built.
High alert securities just for fun.
Paradise is all I see, you might disagree
since we have different fashion sense but it’s home.
I package a piece of home when I travel
so I always feel safe.

Block by Block I drive by in hopes to see you.
Memories makes smile,
Imagine if we ran into each other?
Back on the highway and has been years 
without being behind the wheels freely.
Im working on my vision without
having to turn to anyone for approval.
I have been blessed and hustled hard,
now I want to have new goals, thank God.
Driving carefully so I can make sure all of it gets done.

Block by Block
I'm walking in New Orleans,
shopping, dining and wilding out.
First class back to our fur babies.
In New York it's only Uber black.
I will walk around if it’s a luxury.
I handled my business,
Now I am my business.
Black out, war, and torture.
How the fukk am I still alive?
Still swinging, Gladiator, I’m winning.

Block by Block
I send this message to you.
Too busy to live life,
Too broke to live life,
Too mean to let love in,
Too loveable, you get killed quickly.
Freedom is when no one has control over you in any way.
No Job schedule or career or relationships or obligations holding you back.
In life, you must fight the hardest when your young
or you will have to fight hard when you're older.
In life you have to take it by working hard 24/7
but don’t forget love is the most important.
Family is 1 and 2, love and family.
Our connection with our own species, human beings 
is beyond important on Earth for all of us 
to be able to live life, block by block.

Angelina deJesus Solomon 

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