New to this World.
Childhood in another Country.
My foundation was my Grandparents.
They taught me that it’s worth taking years
to work on my foundation and be able to
build a great life while preparing for death.
Showed up to the USA almost as a teenager.
Home life vs School Life vs Outside.
High School was my chance to fly.
Since Jr. High I Prepared.
My 1st Love would of gave me
sex and family but I wanted to fight for the stars.
College education was hard so lets skip
those years filled with a lot of tears.
Build an Empire by the time
I turned 25 was the plan
but all I had was one degree, one abortion
and 8 years of an “on and off” relationship.
Lets not forget feeling homeless over and over.
I chased my dream and hustled hard.
I left my hood behind and went to California.
Battlefield with the thugs and gangsters.
I was smoking weed and calling it my husband.
Surrounded by sharks, this mermaid made few friends
but the road was lonely and dangerous.
I needed a break from traveling Earth alone.
I fell in Love and all I had to do 
was changed my last name for the great solomon.
I moved to the city and became its luxury.
This city’s lifestyle is in my system now, Massachusetts.
Time to move forward, Hong Kong then New York.
I even made time for friendship.
My light got turned on and all the flys came.
Friends always love you for the wrong reasons.
I turned my light off, no fly came around anymore.
I’m proud of myself, Roadmap.

New to this World.
Childless marriage.
Careerless adulthood.
All this by 33 years old.
Moving around and around
But now this is our new home.
For how long? I’m not sure.
I thought getting that job in NYC
Was going to make me fly.
Fighting air, a win lose battle.
This city’s lifestyle is in my system now, New York.
Should I win & lose here or live in Florida as a princess wife?
I’m building a life for me now,
Everyone please stay out, now I’m a ghost.
Battlefield with the thugs and gangsters.
I'm smoking weed next to my husband and
surrounded by sharks, 
this mermaid made a few friends.
Too much time on my hand so all i can do
is create and build something again for me.
Most would never complain where I am
but fukk it, I’m wildin 'out until I’m happy again.
I stopped chasing approval & acceptance from
People, Companies, and Locations.
This life did not complete me.
God forgive me but 
I’m breaking a lot of Bible rules
Trying to become my greatness.
I kept all the values but
Living on Earth has its challenges, devil.
Battlefield with the thugs and gangsters.
Surrounded by sharks,
This mermaid will be fine.
39 for the last time this year.
I’m proud of myself, 
sleeping in Massachusetts, Roadmap.

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