5 Spring Accessories That Will Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Gone are the days of barely-there jewelry and simple slip-on shoes. This past Fashion Month, we saw tons of wearable trends that nodded at every variety of personal style. But, there was one thing that the shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris had in common: a more-is-more approach to accessorizing. And if this season's heels, bags, sunglasses, and more are any indication, it's safe to say that the end of fashion's obsession with minimalism is, in fact, very near. Truth be told, we're pretty damn excited about it; piling on lots of pieces is just more fun.

From seriously oversized dangling earrings to crazy-cool statement handbag straps, these 12 bold accessory trends (fresh off the runway) are about to take your wardrobe to the next level. These finishing touches may feel a little foreign to your straightforward style, but that's the point. Take a deep breath, embrace their "wow" factor, and let them take you way out of your comfort zone. Your spring wardrobe is ready for the boost.


Bags Carrying Bags

Baby bags are no longer new, and they're no longer being carried on their own. Instead, runway models donned the perfect pocketbook duo: a micro-handbag alongside a larger one, either attached like a keychain or simply carried in the same hand. How to wear this look? Keep your Chapstick and MetroCard in the little one, and your iPad and commuter shoes in the other. Consider the recurring dilemma of deciding which bag to wear solved.


Fringed Shoes

We've seen long and short fringe on everything from blouses to bags, but the trend has finally trickled its way down to our feet. On heels and flats alike, the detailing will sway as you walk — just don't go too long, or risk tripping.


Neo Sunglasses

A pair of statement shades no longer means the retro bug-eye or oversized cat-eye we've grown accustom to. Rather, sunglasses are getting weird, and in a really good way. Think smaller, and way more Matrix-like frames than you're used to. They may be a bit out-of-the-box, but the cool-factor is definitely doubled.


Lobe-Stretching Earrings

Is there such a thing as lobe-strengthening workouts? Because we're going to need those by the time this trend catches on. Earrings are getting bigger (and heavier) than ever, so it's time to kiss your itty-bitty studs goodbye and instead say hello to some seriously statement-making baubles.


Body Chains

Your earlobes and bags aren't the only things getting the metal treatment. So is your torso. Body chains are getting a high-fashion upgrade, ranging from thin and dainty to thick and heavy. Regardless of their size, they'll help any outfit pack a real punch.

Which accessory are you excited to wear with your outfit?

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