Poetry: A Thanksgiving to remember

Thankful to be born in this hell.
Thankful for all the monsters that
I let in to show them my love, my heart.
A light that never stop shining.
A light that never stop trying.
A thanksgiving to remember
Without the mean monsters near & far,
they kidnapped my heart and murder it.
Dead to you but alive to GOD now.

A Thanksgiving to remember
without pain from him, my lover,
my husband, my true love, my Leo Prince.
I had to even heal from him.
In the car, he’s driving and
I’m singing along to our favorite tunes.
Sun is shining, so I’m sending a prayer
for us to arrive safe wherever we are going
as long as we are still together, marriage.

A Thanksgiving to remember
I have a collection of about
10 big tanks filled with tears
I’m so happy they are empty now.
For anyone, I won’t cry anymore.
It better be a funeral or a wedding.
For the devil’s love or for Jesus’ love.
Now they both have to miss me.
Y’all both did me wrong
but how cool of a daughter am I?
Forever fighting for my Father,
even if my Father don’t deserve me.

A Thanksgiving to remember
Finally arriving at my dream location.
New York, I died for you many times,
So don’t think you can kill me, I’m not her.
Whoever thinks they can try me,
I’m worse than her and I bring heaven or hell,
you decide which one u want to fukk with.
So what if I’m older, so what if it happens or not,
chasing my dreams as I have always done.
I found my heaven for business, and one day
I will find my heaven to lay my peace away
with success or with failure.

A Thanksgiving to remember
I cleaned my house, few weeds refusing to die
but that’s what scissors are for.
Monster laughing because I’m too nice and sweet.
Well one day you will know my name,
friends we will never be
so I hope you never know my name.
Now who is the meanest?
And everything you took from me,
keep it because can’t u see
I never needed it or y’all.
Fire can walk through fire, no dragon babies
but enough wild beasts around me
to love me for life.
Yes I will buy my own love
and leave my own paid comments,
I’m not chasing your love,
I’m just here for me since you wasn’t,
I will take care me & let my inner self guide me.
How am I doing so far and I don’t need 
your love, comments, or support now.
A day to remember that
yesterday they murdered me and
today God said just say Thank You to them all
because I am a selfish God
& now your riding with me first, let them know
who’s the biggest Monster of them all?
You’ve been driving for too long,
my daughter now let me drive.
A thanksgiving to never forget Wars.

A Thanksgiving to remember
Ohh that’s your Queen,
Ohh that’s your Kingdom
Just don’t ever stepped in my Kingdom.
I won’t ever let you in, I’m not God,
but you picked the wrong daughter now
keep that bitch naked on any beach,
just don’t ever knock on my door,
all u will find is a sign,
Go back to your kingdom
because she is giving you everything,
back to your God.
Now you found my Kingdom,
I no longer want it
but you can’t have it either,
go back to that bitch as
Fire turns everything to ashes,
time to rebuild another kingdom
somewhere off the grid.

A Thanksgiving to remember.
A start over from the eye of the storm.
A start over from open water,
Mermaid 🧜🏽‍♀️🛡️ 🌍🌎🌏✨.

Angelina deJesus Solomon

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