Is people the real root of evil?

Love kills fast. Protection of our heart is necessary but that does not mean we have to be evil, selfish, and mean.People kill faster than love does. They use it(the knowledge of the power of love) to control us as much as they can. We see this in ads and in the mouth of people.

Brain helps us navigate life because by using your head, or your brain, or your mind. You can learn how to have a life that was meant for you. When our heart is broken, we depend on our mind to help us get through it.

Love is supposed to be a fruit to be enjoyed by us all humans on Earth but love was taken away from us all. Hateful Selfish people thrive while the Kind Teamwork Mindset type of people has an impossible task to uphold, to retain all of the greatness that makes us to be as close as possible to God including having class and knowing how to act or to keep in mind that there’s a place and time for everything. We used to respect loyalty and respect and now there’s no loyalty from inside your own tent and there’s no respect. Even enemies had a line of respect for each other that they never crossed. Love is taken away from us all. Meanwhile rich people keep having lots of babies and raising them to continue that wonderful cycle of humanity (rich enjoy life and poor aren’t even allowed to have kids, because they can't afford to give their kids an equal opportunity at the start of the game of life). The babies of the lovely poor are now trash or considered the lowest of Earth. And the few that get to become rich are still unbalanced because they aren't living with the people they love the most and enjoying life together. These people are all over the world and even if you're a billionaire, you're still missing love. A billionaire missing something or anything is still a broke ass person.

Set Back is another weapon used on humans by humans. Nations “setback” other Nations to keep them from developing and catching up. To keep them from developing intelligents and inventions in order to steal their resources or take it by force or even worse. Humans also wanted to “setback” each other like when they say “Team” and they only focus on “I”. They say “Us” only focuses on “Them”.

Is money the root of evil or is humans the root of evil? The money system was supposed to be helping us with the organization of trading and the education of each other’s Nations. 

Rich people have always been a great inspiration of mine after Lord Jesus Christ because everyone in my opinion deserves to have a normal start in life. That’s the “Setback” that certain Nations took from each other. I love luxury but don't need to be greedy. I don't need to buy all the Products to prove anything. Luxury means different things to each person from seating on your front porch or steps to being very wealthy high up somewhere. The problem with Money and People is that we now skip the first step which is (Heart)Love & Brain. 

Love was taken away and humans used to love to kill each other 

And two

our brain was used to turn everyone into an “I” mindset instead of a “Team” member. As a team, we all elevate at the same time with each other. What happened to our leave no man behind attitude but certain Nations and Leaders used their brain to kill us off and take it all for themselves. I guess less competition and more land for them. All the luxuries of life that Earth has to offer, that each Nation has to offer and most importantly it shouldn't have to cost this high for everyone to live and enjoy Mother Earth. We also wouldn’t have such a huge gap between the poor and the rich. We all would be more balance with love, sex, babies, and generation caps would be filled and that’s great for WallStreet. We all would be more healthier, more normal, more safe and live a longer life that we all enjoy so much. What if human’s weapon was to block the Love from our heart, that’s the root of all evil. A heartbreak makes everyone act very mean towards one another, Nation by Nation. Our pain should just come from life that Nature gives us such as sickness, death, empathy for each other and accidents. When something or someone takes our hearts away and hides it or makes it impossible for us humans to find it, while they change the rules of the World. They say “Love” but they mean hate like ripping the baby away from the mother.

We are educated perfectly except for the traps left here and there by words, laws, & warfares (people end up in poor environments because of warfares, politics, business, religion & science). Another  example is for a painter, they show you the army so in life you become the opposite of what u suppose to be. They show you less when you were meant to have more or they show you more when you were meant to have less. Everything about our Nature on Earth is not Natural at all. The problems that we have are so easy to fix but we just do not care enough or want it. When the whole Earth picks one problem or one location to fix a humanity problem on this Planet then it becomes an easy problem to fix because we all would handle it together. Poor, Middle Class, & Rich would work together to make it happen.

The World is not changing completely towards one way or the other. Our best option is to just elevate ourselves through all the blockages the other humans (not life) have put in your way. All the lies, bullshits & heartless selfish evil of this world also holds us back. I think Earth & Life already gives us a Perfect World, its humans that come along and continue to kill this perfect World, Mother Earth off.

Setback, when evil people and evil Nations are winning and continue to buy off all the lands, live a luxury life, slave people in a new way and continue to tell us what to do and say.

Angelina deJesus Solomon

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