Never Forget War

The devil’s greatest gifts comes in Opposites.
God’s greatest gifts comes in Pairs.
Never forget that above the noise of this World (Planet Earth & the Universe) there’s a battlefield of Angels & Beings (monsters and demons are terms used to describe how a person or a Being/Spirit acts or how dark they are capable of becoming through the action they take on Planet Earth or the Universe). In the beginning as there will be in the end (or there is no end depending on your personal belief or religion) All is trying to get to God but do not have the full formula to do so.

Another way of putting this is that our bodies is where Angels & Beings can enter. Earth is a battlefield between two sides, The Dark vs The Light. I dream of a World where they both can co-exist together. Share Mother Earth, & Respect all life in this Planet because She belongs to us both.

Also on Earth we have Light souls and they belong here. We have Dark souls and they also belong here. The Problem is that the devil is so EVIL, that he turns the dark agains the light and the Light against the Dark or...Stay with Me...the devil is the leader of the Dark, like just like a sheriff running and protecting a town or Space. So the other option is HUMANS became bored, selfish, greedy and started killing each others and killing everything else. They started to eat all the animals, started killing Mother Earth and Lied about History and Knowledge to cover up their tracks, than they pretending to be GOD themselves and tried to rule the World & the Universe. So the REAL EVIL IS HUMANS NOT THE dEVIL. And let's not forget how they used the Power of Words to chain each other down. Y'all Dirty Mother Fukkers, still can't be GOD, FATHER.

I want to make this very clear, I am not talking about dark skin color vs light skin color. Think of it as Jobs, the Light souls has their jobs to do on Earth, and the Dark souls also have their jobs to do on Earth, I mean Space. God created Dark Space first and out of that Darkness, than HE Created Light Space and BOTH have their purpose, again BOTH created by GOD, only ONE true GOD. Only One and HE had a SON.

When Light learns to Love Dark with Jesus' heart, that's respect. When Dark learns to Share with the Light, that's respect. If Both only lives in the extreme end then both have to do work to meet in the middle. Some people hates some people because those people hate them or wouldn't love them or let them in. Love & Hate has to both humble themselves because both are just assholes using the excuse of " I don't like them because they are full of hate or I don't like them because they of full of light, love, & holiness. Y'all both assholes because you wont take the time to love each other by communicating with each other & by spending time in each other's World. Y'all both assholes to me hiding behind your churches & belief or hiding behind your selfishness and your greediness. Both need to grow the fukk up, equality. When we all remember that WE ALL ARE ONE that's when we can actually Rise and continue to make Mother Earth a better planet to live in.

All Nations in this World are selfishness and don't
give a fukk about one another and that's what makes
All Nationalities have asshole people.
All Genders have assholes people.
devil says keep them humble
so they never rise up.
God says keep them humble
so they never leave me.
Planet Earth Children, remember here you are on your own. Do not trust your closest ones. Do not trust your friends, all of them. Do not trust these musicians fukking up lyrics and music. Do not trust Companies, there’s no heart there or loyalty. If they treat u like shit, replace them, & don’t support them. They hire you for a job, you are just a stair step towards their capital goals.

My company, is my creativity. I am not even giving y’all my heart anymore, how can I if Y'all murdered it. You like my products, buy it. You like what I stand for, great. If not please don’t support me or work with me. Your partners in life, watch out, never put anyone in this World first, never. They will end up rich, you will end up poor. Protect your heart, your soul, your body and mind. Protect your dreams, your goals, your faith, and your spiritually. Protect your kids, your pets, your space, your home. PEOPLE EATS PEOPLE, especially the poor ones. You will be a carpet or a flying carpet without even knowing it, until it’s too late and they kill you off. Don’t worry, you still have yourself & your faith, your inner self. And life is not over but please stay far away from these mother fukkers, that you call your everything. Most poor have no choice but to make friends with friends mother fukkers, snakes.

Your Jesus heart will say LOVE EVERYONE, but what is LOVE when EVERYONE KILLS YOU just because you have JESUS’ HEART. Stay Away from all these Mother Fukkers. Religion will hold you back on Earth, The Wealthy ones will hold you back on Earth, They sell you fake dreams, to hold you back. They sell you money to hold you back, And they sell you all the products that holds you back. Note: Thank you so much for all the life saving products & the products that makes Earth a better place to live in. Not only are all Humans are One but all LifeForce are One as well, Please do not Abuse Mother Earth or Space. ONLY listen to yourself, your inner self. Do Not Tell your Parents, Family your dreams. Do Not Tell your Friends your dreams. Do Not tell anyone your dreams. KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF ALWAYS, PEOPLE STEAL DREAMS, especially the poor people, People Always will try to seat on your Chair, even if they already have a seat at your table, Family & Friends. Yes, people at your own table will try to kill you for your chair. How selfish & greedy are these mother fukkers with their fake cordialness (which means warm and friendly), but all they know is how to be is fake, fake can NEVER be real. A person that is Real isn't cordial, Realness will give you 100% or 0%. Make sure all these snakes never get a minute of your time, stay away. Burn that table, walk away from that table, they can keep it. The last 3, 2, 1 Snakes are the hardest to kill, even at my new start they refuse to die off. I can't even enjoy my own death, or my own new life.You give them your everything, & to your face they show their loyalty is with the other daughter, we'll "go back to your Kingdom since she's giving you everything, back to your God", snake.

For the friends you call family,
for the family you call friends,
over and over if they show no loyalty or that they simply don’t care so move farward without them and as you keep moving forward,they might than want to show that they now want to keep you, keep moving forward anyway do not stop like so many train stops or bus stops. Learn to not stop for people because your keeping yourself from your true self. Wherever you belong, whether it’s with the dark or light. We all have a place in this world, find yours. You can make people happy but what about you, what about the damage in your heart. Don’t you now deserve time to heal, recharge, and try again. They can learn that lesson with the next person that goes into their lives and try to love them. You deserve a new person to come into your life & help you heal and actually appreciate your love and are willing to love you back equally.

Never forget War, Never forget who was at Jesus' Table. Go make a one chair table and never let anyone see it. People will always get Jealous of you and your light on Earth so focus on making yourself better not just the money but ALL OF THE ABOVE. Work hard for your Space, pay & save for it and Do Not Let anyone in. With my JESUS HEART, I LET EVERYONE IN, My Family Killed me, My Friends Killed me, My Husband Killed me, Chasing my dreams in America killed me, Following these Celebrities, especially musicians killed me. Not having my human dad in my life killed me. Having a non educated single human mom killed me. Chasing a change of giving myself education or colleges killed me & raped my body. History made it hard for my DNA and that killed me. I never had a change at chasing any of my TRUE desires on Earth.

They talk about God, Love and they care for people but honestly what they put out to the World, they can rip the pages from the Bible and wipe their assets with. Fuck all these FAKE LIGHTS OF THE WORLD, THEY ARE AS DARK AS THE devil himself. I rather hang out with the devil himself, He's cool as fukk with me, I took the time to love him, than hand out with these Mother Fukkers. At least the devil is just doing his Job, Lawmaker, What’s Y'all excuses? Here’s the best part, you will be free from all of them, greedy, selfish mother fukkers that you call family, friends, partners, businesses. Only listen to your inner voice, I don’t care what faith you have, what religion you are, no matter where on Earth you live, only and only listen to your inner voice, God will be there!!! He tries to protect us but to me he failed when he gave us FREE WILL, Now we have to be our own First, & God second, but anything after the 1st & the 2nd comes from Earth. Your FREE WILL is your greatest friend or your greatest enemy. Your FREE WILL is your greatest asset or your greatest liability.

Parents sells their kids,
Parents eat their kids,
Parents only know planet earth
So they pass that on to their kids.
Kids are always the payments for the Parents.
Kids always suffers because of their parents actions.
Kids becomes adults and have no choice but to be like the parents of worse.
You must know more and everything, or stay away from everyone, all humans have a price. Poor people, watch yourself some of y’all are the devil himself but being poor holds u back from unleashing the devil in you on Earth. Rich people, watch yourself some of y’all are true Angels but being Rich holds you back, do not take what u want,when u take too much, you fail. Do not give away all your time and money to the poor, when u do you fail. Don’t feel guilty for your blessings just be kind but don’t get abused or Do not abuse anyone cause u will fail. Poor people, do not envy the rich. Do not let tv, social media, or music consume you with jealous or let it make you follow dreams that they sell to you. On that path, you will fail. Remember only listen to your inner voice. The other poor people around you are just following bullshit visions.This World was never meant to be Saved. Ask Yourself, Can World-Unification ever happen? Only by force (The Power of the people). Only if people put people first can this happen. Than the Ocean, Plants, Animals, Environments, Chemicals, & Elements can be Saved as well. Planet Earth is where we are all born, to learn what we need to learn to elevate our souls and that's the greatest thing you can do on this planet. Hate will be here, evil will always be here, you have to make yourself become a person that
for example,
when the ocean was spilt so God’s Children can escape, The left side of the Ocean,
(and this is just an example)
Is all the bad people in the world, Stay Away. The right side of the Ocean is all the good people in the World, Stay Away, evil has to hide its self everywhere, in the good and the bad, everywhere. Stay away from Both, why because on Earth on few Angels are born. Only few of God’s true Children are born. All others are part of the Opposite (devils work) fake Angels. Do not trust fake Angels. Only trust yourself. The Bible tells you to have Jesus’ heart and love everyone but Ive learned the hard way that is a lie. Jesus’ so called people, only few of them have Jesus’ heart. When you only love people that are just as religious as you than you have failed my FATHER. Most of Jesus’ people don’t Love or Show Love to outsiders. Jesus’ own friends, family, DNA or nationality killed HIM and Lord Jesus Christ still loved them 1000% so what makes you think they wont kill you? Karma Is Jesus’ best friend, History is his second best friend and we all know Jesus has a lot of true believers & true friends. Jesus’ loved all the strangers that he met on his Journey on Earth and some of them stood loyal to the end but some of those strangers killed him along with his so called friends, family and communities. Just because you go to church, you pray and you read the Bible, doesn’t mean you still belong to my FATHER. Most of you are full of Hate, that you call Love, not even one penny do you give to Jesus kids with Love or do you take care of Planet Earth. Hope you die on top of all your pennies cheat ass bitches. Love, Loves everyone equally, EVERYONE!!!!!! Most Church going, JESUS people, don’t love everyone, You cut JESUS into billions of pieces and spread it all over the World so ofcourse this World is full of Fake Religions or Lost Religions because they are just one tiny puzzle of what's suppose to be ONLY ONE RELIGION. There's only One God, so y'all bitches are praying to pasted on humans, falling angels, and beings, or demons or aliens, whatever you want to call them but there is only ONE TRUE GOD. The God of the Universe and everything in it including Earth and all life in it. We have to remember that we are all ONE not just Nationalities but all life on Earth & the Universe. Space needs to respect Earth and Earth needs to respect Space, and yes GOD'S ONLY SON is JESUS and HE was born in AFRICA. You can never erase that from History.

Just because your BLACK OR AFRICAN does not make you MY FATHER’S KIDS Or QUEENS and KINGS! It was a black ass African who sold African people to the White Nations, that makes those people worst than The White Nation that came and paid for Africa, and what they continued to do in History, what does it matter, it was an African who sold EVERYTHING & EVERYONE in Africa. So for the Black Mother Fukkers in United States of America and in the rest of the World, especially in Africa, who doesn’t do anything but HATE the WHITE PEOPLE, you should learn your fukking History. I would Killed Y'all in front of all the White People, In front of my Father because You gave Africa to them so in my book, you should die before them, Karma.  Just because your Black does not mean My FATHER WILL LET YOU IN, BITCHES, since that’s that only Language you want to Learn on Earth, HATE & SWEARS. Don’t Worry I spend years learning how to communicate with Y’all assholes. How am I doing so far? With Lord Jesus Christ, whether ur pretty or ugly, fat or skinny, black or other Nationalities, IS ONLY LOVE. JESUS IS ONLY LOVE. YOU WANT TO BE JESUS KIDS, YOU MUST HAVE JESUS' HEART, So what if you’re rich, beautiful & famous, or poor, go to work & go to church. NO ONE “MIND FUCKS” MY FATHER, NO ONE!!!

JESUS is in all Nationality because He’s only lives in your Heart. How do I put this in a way that you will understand, MOST OF Y’ALL BITCHES DON’T PUT JESUS IN YOUR HEART, Well we all can see, He don’t live in You. Call yourself Church girls & boys & God did this & that but you ain’t or never going to be even if you call yourself Love. Sell your Souls to whoever, Name your Kids whatever, repent forever, but KARMA is MY FATHER’S GREATEST FRIEND, not y’all Humans, and after all of that your still not good enough for HIM!!! FUCK YOUR PACKAGE, YOU DON’T HAVE JESUS PACKAGE, BITCHES.

Now go tell the Church, to come make me Holy,
I go to feel HIS presents and hear the Holy Priest speak.
Im only on My Time & My Father Time.
Now there’s something to really talk about, What happens to all of the People on Earth that Has JESUS’ HEART? no matter what culture they come from, no matter what Nationality or Gender they are, and no matter what Goals they have for their life on Earth. JESUS has all the power, Trust Only in your inner-self & JESUS. Do it before they kill you off, some of you when you get killed off, may never find your way back to GOD, that’s the saddest thing. I gave up God for all of You, only to find out, that was the dumbest thing ever. Turned myself dumb just for Y’all, Let my body get raped just for Y’all, Let Y’all “Mind Fuck”me just because I refused to give up the Holy Ghost, only to find out, Im still not good enough for you? Are you fukking serious? Okay, the Pennies I gave Y’all wasn’t good enough or the money or all the advice, or the friendship, or the love, or my time, or, or , or , or. I’M ONLY HERE TO LEARN WITH MY FATHER’S HEART. You took everything away, everyone killed me. At Church the Priest talked about when we say Jesus is among us and that makes us ALL be nicer to each other, that's us carrying Jesus in our hearts but we have to also remember we are not here to save the Whole World, because we are not Jesus, so we need to not let people walk all over us, abuse us and know when you should move forward from those people. You don't have to let everyone in and you don't have to keep everyone out. Your not bad or evil for protecting yourself with self defense. I have learned that when I fight dark with self defense, I put dark in me. Im just hurting myself so I now do not need to fight back because I very much treasure the light that GOD put in me so just with a "No Reply" I have to just keep moving forward. No reply, No Comments but instead of giving them what they want which is the drama and a reaction, They just lose Me, or  they will just lose you. Im not looking back, so don't you ever look back. And Kids, please take care of yourself. Don't ever let an Adult kill you, or the light in you. Don't ever let go of the child in you, you will need it the most when you become an adult. Don't let them take that away from you, that's your greatest gift from GOD to remind YOU that your worth more than everything to HIM. I love you! Im sorry I couldn't stay or save all of you.

What happens to all of the People on Earth that has JESUS’ HEART? You might have the biggest family on Earth, and none or only one might be born with JESUS’ HEART. You might have no family on Earth but you can be born with JESUS’ HEART. Your beyond SPECIAL because Jesus Gave you his Heart, that’s because of something that I don’t even know, only God knows, and maybe the Arc Angels and the Angels. It’s not our business to try to figure out why HE gave us GIFTS or JESUS HEART. I like to think that one of HIS best friend, KARMA helps HIM decide. Now the Mother Fukkers that you’re born to, will see your light. A light that they can never have or buy. What do you think they do after seeing that you’re the LIGHT? By any means necessary, they will try to X you OUT! Get it?

What does Mother Fukkers on Earth do to People like Me?
Mother Fukkers: Family, Friends, Strangers, Businesses, & Partners.
Are you one of these Mother Fukkers?


Angelina deJesus Solomon

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