Three types of Death

The World teaches us that words can’t break our hearts but I think that’s another way that the World hides the truth. The World teaches us that no one can take over your mind yet the World does everything in its power to be your yellow brick road. The World teaches us  that guidance and leadership should come from the outside when it should come from the inside, your very own compass. The World teaches us that we should be one with Nature, yet there isn’t any natural habitat in the same sync vibration, or  flow, or the way life should be in its natural growth movements as a planet with her Climate Change. Please let her have her periods naturally, lol clearly your birth controls was only poison and meant to kill her and her Children.

Heart: you can be killed by heartbreaks. Your energy can be grained. You can be broken by other’s action, or who you’re surrounded by, or the energy field that you choose to take from life or Mother Earth. So it feels like there’s no such thing as a full 100% death. Some people believes in reincarnation and some people or religion does not believe in this. Me personally, I thinks of course there’s infinity possibilities so hell yea there’s a 99% change that reincarnation is real but personally I’m rolling with the 1%, I like the one life only outlook or belief because If I have one life on Earth, you mean your going to tell me to follow to same laws as the people that broke every law in the BOOKSSS throughout our dark history. Some Animals might have a beautiful history or any other life form on Earth but not humans. Humans only have dark history on Earth, covered by a pretty painting of History but I think that’s another way that the World hides the truth. I mean One life, that means you really have to go hard, I mean you get one change, only one. Everyone deserves to live their life but humans took lives aways from each other…do you get it or should I break that down because most don’t live their lives because History took their lives away, so again and again we are most unbalanced. So if I was born to an unbalance earth, Im going to work my ass off to balance as much as I can with only one life to live, who is really alive on Earth? Both sides has people that  are both alive and not balanced. Both sides meaning rich, poor, nationalities, & policies. The World will break your heart, don’t give your heart to many people, you can be killed by heartbreaks.

Vampires: your energy is directed and with this power you can create. If someone takes that energy away how can you create anything, like a type of life that you might want. Like an element, the World mades sure you can never, discover your energy power. All the books in the world and you still can’t find your key, power, energy, force or whatever you want to call it but there’s also another called Vampires(in this case, humans), they kill you not only in a physical way but they kill you in so many other ways., different types of death. Humans used strategies on Land until the land became unbalanced. Obviously, the people on that land will also become unbalanced. Like a kingdom being surrounded with no where to go so they might run out of resources therefore forced to surrender, fight, or start killing or fighting each other within. Humans used Resources against each other, so the humans became unbalanced.  The resources from Mother Earth. Each Rock on Earth or Nation had their own resources from the land. That was made just for them and maybe it was gold, or maybe it was their best meal, but this also  made it okay for them to, fish, hunt, plant, farm, etc. If trading was better regulated since the beginning of time, Mother Earth would be in a better condition. Humans would not only would be living in a better environment but our psychology would also be different. We would know economics, teamwork, community, love and, mutual respect towards each other from the closest person to you in your community to the furthest person on earth in another nation that your nation might have a friendship with and do business with each other or not do business with each other and not be friends, and we would do all of this, (all the positive moments in history that has contribute to the evolution of the human race at such a rapid pace) but now we would do it 100% better because everyone’s vibration will be balance. This has nothing to do with are you going to wake up rich vs poor but this gives u peace wherever u are and when u have peace, than u can start focusing on how your going to make money but no peace you can make all the money but it still feels like dam, I can’t wait to die so I can go to heaven and live a better life on the New Earth. That’s stupid ass mindset. When you have peace, Heaven is here and now already, just remember we all have different versions of heaven we want to be living but the yellow brick road will always make you feel stupid for already knowing this, and make sure you never go along with nature. History took this luxury away from a lot of people and nations. Now you want everyone to follow the same laws and rules. That’s one of the mistake that this World makes. A lot of charges should be dropped in the World. Charges & bullshit laws coming from every directions from Vampire energyville, bullshit because the same laws they do not follow, they tell you to follow.

Respect: you can be killed by being disrespected many times that you walk away and that being said, you’re dead to me. I can never be your friend again because that how bad you did me. Disrespect  leads to the lost of respect from two or more parties including humans & nations. Well if you’re dead to me, why even spend time on this paragraph. You killed me, so you think so now the option is you’re going keep moving and for me , you are who?

Angelina deJesus Solomon 


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