Three types of Life


Three types of life but we can’t number them one by one because all 3 are living on Earth together. Two different types of people & 2 different types of dimensions but both on Earth. When we are born it’s not our soul mates that we spend the rest of our lives trying to find. When we are born, we are born as two (Soulmate & Body on Earth, in our case, humans. Humans lives on Earth but our Souls/ Spirit / the other one, also lives on Earth but with more freedom and power than us. We have to teach the kids how to take care of both. Here’s another way to explain this.

A celebrity is on Instagram, the human part of them. If they didn’t take care of their soul (their twin) than the twin is not on the same Instagram page as them. (A)Their soul is on another page being it’s real self.(break down this detail later) but as their real self they are not getting any traffic to their page.

Now here is where I make my point.

Human matches the human instagram page but the soul’s page, no one is loving them in any way, so on Instagram because the soul is showing their real self things but in real life the soul is trapped on a bed, such as in a mental hospital, knowing the truth. Image now the energy and power that the soul has to try to channel to make people come to their page? The truth that even though everyone is on their “fake real page” , The truth is that those Celebrities are 100% not even there. The real them, are a prisoner in a mental hospital trying to figure out how to save themselves, their love ones and their kids but whether they like it or not, as family, you are all together stuck in that mental hospital. Now the devil did not put them or you there. Think of the devil as a person of the law. His only doing his Job, when you mess up, you get a ticket, you go to jail, you do community service, or life in jail without getting out. Life is a Circle.  God——>Life(in any dimension) <———God. For some people it takes ( if you believe) many many many lifetime until they finally get tired of fighting, and they start acting right and the Lawmakers stop chasing them down and God starts saying, okay now your are ready to be beam up. Think of being beam up as, when you finally are okay with yourself. You’re being true, you’re putting out light in the world, you’re staying away from any people or places or events that you know the Lawmaker is there waiting for you, to have your one second of mess up, than u end up in that mental hospital jail and the whole time your strap down and still have to try to use your power to make people come to your real page. Ex. the body instagram, they are on a private jet all gorgeous, and their soul/twin is living in a village in another country being very natural & humble. The Body & the Soul is not living the same life. That's a huge problem for anyone in this situation. And how many people in this World is stuck in this prison. 

Now as a monster fake real human, or as a being/soul/spirit, now you are at a point that all you want to do is save the kids. That’s one things both sides can agree on. We are stuck in a mental hospital, save the kids. We are suck being monsters because the only thing that World excepts are monsters, but how can we save our kids?

Do u want to know how crazy some of these people got or is?

1.Game of Thrones Witch, yes some people’s real self/soul/spirit/their other half/ their twin - looks like that, dark, mean & ugly.

2.Godzilla or the Angriest mean Gorilla Giant that you can think of. A mental Hospital bed with straps can’t even hold them down or calm them down, you can hear their screams from miles away but remember we all have free will and this person did that to his or herself, here the sad part of all of this, Some people are so deep (you know what I mean) that they no longer have the capability to save themselves and of course, even the family won’t be able to save that person, or they don't care since this person is making money or have fame, or no matter how much they love and want to save that person and keep the family together, they can't.

3.Our bodies(humans) and our twin(soul) are used to competing their whole life for what they want and that brings a lot of jealous towards each other. You as a person maybe be very humble by choice or not by choice because you was born poor but your spirit has so much more power that you can be home watching tv and your soul/twin/spirit is in another location close or far monstering someone else, because that soul is jealous when they see someone that looks like they are being “beam up” meaning they look like they are closer to God, therefore God will replace them with this new person. It’s like everyone is completing for God’s attention, Love, and for God to make them super rich on Earth, but they are using their misunderstanding of History and how Love is suppose to work. Think of God as the Owner of a Company, not a partner and everyone on Earth is working for the same Company whether they want to or not. (Worship of different Gods). Only when they work extra hard, can they have a change at a promotion. When a human see’s God given someone else a promotion, they act like spoiled brags and they become so angry, envy, and start going off with their mouth, mean while God is like I don’t care about your feelings or actions, there’s the door, you can leave when you want or I will personally fire you (Lawmakers). God’s only concern is to make sure the company is running as smoothly as possible. If you are an owner of a small company or a huge company, then only y’all can image what God has to actually deal with day to day. Therefore, the truth is the closest people to you in your life are the ones monstering you the most. When you become more known, like u become successful or famous, now more know of you and all those people can now also monster you (the price of success & fame), so we as Fans, are hurting these people as well, at times even more than they hurt us. Depends on how balance their body and twin/soul are with one another. A lot of celebrities are monstering kids, teens, and young adults so they can go the wrong way because they are jealous that person will come and they their place. Like, a rapper, ahhh I can’t be replace by this one, or a singer ( how dare she thinks she’s more talented than me), or in any department that you might be working at in God’s Company, get it? (or any industry that you are passionately working at, or just a job position) Like, oh Im the prettiest, oh Im the richest, oh my body is the best, its like they think there can only be one, lol. Therefor all these people continues to compete with each other, and Life and Fans, believe it or not.

Also in the dimension of our soul, is where you will also find the ones that has passed away like JFK Kennedy or your close loved ones, or Amelia Earhart, so remember even though they died, they are still themselves, with their personality and as spirits just like us on Earth and it is up to them how they act, live or grow spiritually. You can died perfect on Earth but your soul better also be perfect because you’re only going to Earth #2, the spirit roam. Most people don’t get to go straight to heaven, they have to try over and over again to grow up, only then do they have a change on finally moving forward by getting beam up to heaven roam.

No one goes to hell, this is Hell, not returning back to the Father is hell. I feel bad because if there’s only ONE GOD, then GOD had ONE SON & THAT SON IS JESUS, THAN THAT’S THE TRUE GOD. ALL NATIONALITY, IF JESUS WAS BORN IN AFRICA & human history start in Africa, that makes everyone a "Nigga" (I say this because some people really need to humble themself thinking they are better & higher & continue to look down at darker skinned people, when they should have more compassion, especially for poor people. AND EVERYONE WHO WORSHIP A FAKE GOD, IS STUCK IN THEIR OWN HELL ( whatever that might mean for them) UNTIL THEY GET IT RIGHT.

According to History, Y’all have no choice but to be nice to God’s People, No, in the end you will have no choice but to be nice to God’s people. We were all suppose to worship only one God, only when all nations comes together under one GOD, can we Win, other than that there so many people getting promotion and not even taking the time to teach everyone else, so they know what to do in order to also receive a promotion in God’s Company. I find this very sad & selfish and this is why they keep begging God to beam them up more because they might have a high position but they are still maturing, like a cheese.

Let’s go back and talk about our twin/soul/spirit. Another way to look at this is at night time, it’s very dark and we are all sleeping, but for their World (twin), that’s when they are waking up, walking to the beach, and just living their lives, but obviously we can not see or hear them unless they want us to see them or hear them. Have you ever felt like someone or something moved something on you in your home. Like I put my phone in the bedroom, why is it in the kitchen and now I feel like I’m going crazy or I start second guessing myself. Beings are capable of doing these things, they are there to either help you or monster you around, because like everyone else on Earth, they still haven’t made it to God, or the dimension of Heaven, which is pass Space. One reason most are so into being beam up to space is because space is closer to Heaven so this means even Aliens are trying to be beam up to Heaven.

The ones that put in work the hardest can go beyond space and reach heaven. Back to Earth, if your twin and you are balance, lucky you & I am so proud of you but if your not balanced, wake up because "with Great Power comes great Responsibility”, to yourself. Your are either holding yourself back, or allowing Earth’s People to hold you back. And of course a lot us purposely keep ourselves back, in the name of the Love that we have for the people we know or the people we will never get to meet, that’s real Love, refusing to be with God even though they know that they hold the power to be able to but still they want stay back to help. To me, it’s not a win until we all win.

When we are not balance with our twin, you stay on earth (not space) forever if that’s what it takes for you to learn and take action. The twin/soul/spirit, if you want, you can call where they live space, but even that is wrong. They are here on Earth, when it’s our moon and darkness night time, is their sun, brightness daytime. Our noise effects them, meaning if you turn the light on, that light is noice to them. It’s like ur having a sunny day and all of the sudden, dark clouds cover everywhere and make it dark. So let’s try no to rain on their parade, and they will try to do the same, if not its a never ending battle, like an ugly divorce and two enemies going back and forth. I say this because, if your soul is in peace, it’s happy but the body keeps taking actions that keeps hurting the soul so the soul gets mad and angry and fights back with you. Dam, now that you know which one is more powerful, who do you think is going to win in the end?

Now let’s go back to the 3 types of life and let’s put it in a different way.

Humans life: What we all have learned from History and what we know so far today. Remember different departments, we all are born to different circumstance and that’s for a reason even for myself, so when I try to fight against my wave, that’s when I get in trouble with the lawmakers and some them knows me by name, meaning when I tried to hustle for college or because I hated being poor, especially when your being influenced by tv, radio and outside ads, than I or All of Us, are still responsible for our “FREE WILL”.  A lot of leaders are still making choices that continues to hurt them, like, how gangster they get with us, talking about they are fine, and the best of anyone because they are so successful n famous and can afford life.

And we all know just because you can afford life or to live, you’re still not suppose to take from life more than your share. Too many pets, Too many Kids, Too many designer’s shoes to fashion, Too many hateful lyrics on your Albums, Too many hateful movies y’all are making, Too many products that kills and not saves life. You took too much and you know it, now you will seat there and wait for Karma like you are at the bus stop waiting for the right bus number, including myself. This is where we need to stop blaming everyone for where we are in life. Stop blaming the rich people, stop blaming you’re poor friends who still holding you back, Stop blaming life. The more u fight life, and those people trying to monster you, the more you become just like them, trust me, I know. So stop supporting these celebrities, music, movies that’s holding you back. Don’t support any Nation that’s doing the opposite of God. Don’t go on Vacation there, Don’t move there, Don’t bring your Business or Company there. Do not go on World Tour and still stop by just because you want that extra money. We all have an idea what Nations we should stay away from. The People born to that Nation, it’s up to y’all to do the best you can and rise above that by moving to another Nation, that’s taking action or stay silence and live in peace there are much as u can. You see when someone is raising their voices against a monster? They become a bigger monster or the get hurt or even killed by the bigger monster. And that being said, a lot of big monster people on Earth are getting humble by bigger monsters one Earth, Corporations. The best option just stay humble, don’t fight life with evil, mean, or any type of darkness because we all have to go back to the Light. That’s being said Religion is too tight ass, of course we can party, drink, get loud, laugh and more, that’s what we are suppose to do, but Religion says God’s people can’t have a good time and only people that’s far away from God can do this. Look I feel the closest to God when I am surrounded by the right people no matter what we are doing as long as of course we don’t abuse it. We all know what happens when we do too many drugs, or drink irresponsibly or indulge in too many food. I can’t wait to afford more Dior but Im not going to build a house just for my Dior products. Do I really need to have 10,000 Dior bag to prove how much I love Dior and the craftsmanship done by Men, or how rich I am (when I get that rich, lol)? Do you? I said it before and I will say it again, A billionaire without any balance of Body, Actions, & Soul/Spirt/Twin is still a broke person. They are even more broke than a broke person because a broke person with balance of Body, Actions, & Soul/Spirt/Twin is more rich than they can even imagine. And I won’t get into details of this now but you know what I mean.

Beings Life: Our soul, the closest ur twin stays next to you the better. Keep your childlike personalities when you become an Adult. Children would never to evil things, they would never be a monster to another person, they know how to be polite, they follow rules and they work very hard to make the world a better place and to make the adults proud of them to the point that adults gives them opportunities and when they become adults they are mature enough to handle their roles on earth, in their departments, where ever they choose to work. History messed this up for a lot of people, so many people can't even work on the twin/soul even if they wanted to. What choice did they have? We know what the World does, it separates us from our Soulmate, our twin, our spirit and only when we come together can we become SUPER HUMANS with SUPER POWERS because we all will have to learn “ With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibilities”.

Monsters Life: Humans & Beings monstering everyone & life & nature for different reasons. Maybe they can’t accept their circumstance, or they are willing to do anything to make their dreams and desires come true, or they are actually that evil. Evil people have to learn to blend in our World because the rules has changed for them. Once in history, evil people was free to be evil freely, now they have to hide, pretend, and channel their energies lil different now. We think that being a monster is so cool but monsters are evil no matter how much you turn them into barbies and try to sell them to kids. How are those people doing now? And we may not put hate out there because we are just trying to live the best we can, but hate works 24/7 to try to find us and kills us slowly. It puts angry in our heart, jealousy in our heart, and everything else that leads to our own destructions, even if to the World we look like the baddest bitch with the most, Monsters will never go away but you can remove all the monsters from your life, And when you straighten your soul, their soul will also have a very hard time monstering you, in your place, in your heart, with their words, their though or even their silence. They will use everything in the book of the history of life to mess you over. Monsters are afraid of ONE THING, The Truth because they live only by the lies & fake realities that they have create for themselves.

Angelina deJesus Solomon

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