1. A World full of darkness, violence & despair.

2. A World full of light, laughters, & gain.

#1 is the hoods, poor environments with little to none opportunities to grow, learn, overcome & become. Ghetto is what we call places like this and ghetto people are the people that live in these places. A ghetto person has little to none education or support systems. Poor people are fighting all the time. Fighting each other, Fighting for food and water, Fighting to get through the day, each day is a bad day. A ghetto person does not have the luxuries of a gym to stay fit, sexy, and strong. A ghetto person does not have the luxuries of traveling or having the money to travel like someone with means. A ghetto person does not have the luxuries for shopping from groceries to products such as clothing. Drinking, Smoking, Drugs are most likely to play a larger role in these communities or with these families. A ghetto person is not because of how they look, it's because of how they act. The action a poor person that takes vs. a rich person is night and day. With no education, these ghetto people, mostly from black race, have no choice but to live in survival mode 24/7. There’s a lot of Amazing talented and smart people in the hood but History held these people back from involving like everyone else. If there’s one thing the World can give a ghetto person is Education. The hood does not have a good school systems which is preventing these amazing ghetto kids from growing up like nature intended for them to grow up. 

#2 is the rich people of the world. They shop, travel, and live in safe neighborhoods with amazing freedom. This is how everyone should be living. So when you look down on a ghetto a person just remembers that person did not have the same education or support system that you have. The rich people are very mean and greedy. The poor people are very mean & cumming. It seems that this world is for taking. Clearly history made sure poor people could never have a chance at having the same lifestyle as the rich. It’s clear that the rich won't do anything about this issue. Industries  & Companies belong only to the rich. Money & Investment education should be taught at an early age. This is a luxury or privilege that the poor communities can not afford. 

We are always fighting, fighting each other for territories and bragging rights and we continue this cycle of Earth without making serious changes between how we treat each other and how we take care of Mother Earth. So does this mean the strongest people are also the meanest people on earth. For example, the World says follow your dreams, it's like the Earth is selling you that lottery ticket and to make sure you keep buying those tickets(follow ur dream, or their dreams for u). On Earth these people are selling us everything, even things that they don't need to sell to us all for one reason so we can remain down and they can keep living. The problem with poor people is that they are not living and the rich are living. Earth sells us everything and tells us we need everything, you need to pay for God, you need to pay for hell, you need to pay… There is such a system where communities don't have to pay for everything. Love on earth is free, having kids is free, having friends is free (you know what I mean), having a community is free, Helping each other is free, laughing together is free and that leads to feeling safe and happy. Rich people can already live and keep spending their money. They not only have a savings account, they have an investment portfolio. That’s a huge difference than someone from the hood with just a ghetto paycheck on Friday, that paycheck might not be enough for one person imagen the family. And I'm a big believer in if you're poor, you should not have too many kids. One reason I didn't have kids young and still with no kids but don’t you think poor people deserve to have what the rich people have so often. The ability to love, fall in love, and grow as a family. The rich do it so why can’t the poor people? Well history made sure that the poor would never be able to catch up to the rich and for the poor, it is not about having the coolest things but it's simply about living in a safer environment full of love and friendship. Education should be a tool that brings prosperity to everyone. History removed education from the poor people. These people have no choice but to try to fight back, I mean all you're missing is the gas chambers. History made these people become ghetto. There was a time that we were all part of our own cultures, while we celebrated and embraced other cultures we still had the luxury and the privilege to be in our own space surrounded by love and friendships.

When I see a ghetto black person it makes me sad because I know we are able to be so much more. Why should the Queen of England have all the books on class and how to act and how to speak? If someone is acting ghetto, It makes me sad because I see so much pain. I see lack of love, lack of friendship, lack of trust, lack of real beauty inside and out. It’s very sad that we can’t be who we really are meant to be. Some of us in the hood had real big dreams & some of us have smarts but no way out like being stuck in a prison jail cell just for being born in a location or to a poor family especially black race. I find it so sad because I know that we are all not knuckleheads.I wonder how many Jewish people died in the gas chamber that would have made this World a much better place to live in. I wonder how many black people have died that would have made this World a much better place to live in. History has given us names of many talented, intelligent and spiritual people, Imagine how many of those people History killed off? There’s a lot of important people that we know but that’s the tip of the iceberg. There are so many important people that are unknown or famous. 

The World is becoming more and more accepting of people but the World of the Poor and the World of the rich is drifting apart from each other. 

  1. A World full of darkness, violence & despair.
  1. A World full of light, laughters, & gain

Angelina deJesus Solomon

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