7 Traveling Hacks to Remember Before Your Next Flight

Traveling is always a fun and exciting experience, but getting through the airport can be a struggle. If it happens to be an unlucky day, you'll get stuck with long lines, rude airport security officials, or delayed flights. Luckily with just a little bit of research, there are many ways you can make your journey faster and more comfortable. We rounded up all the tips and tricks so you don't have to! Learn to navigate airports like a pro with the advice below. You'll be surprised how much time and money you end up saving.
Bring Your Own Spare Ziploc Bags
Since TSA requires you to separate your liquids into clear plastic bags, it is always a good idea to bring spare Ziploc bags in case you lose one or if you're buying tiny travel liquids last minute. For carry-on bags, TSA has a 3-1-1 liquids rule and you are only allowed to have one quart-sized clear plastic bag.
Freeze Your Liquids to Bring on Planes
The only con to this trick is your liquids must actually be frozen solid like a rock. If you're on a long flight, however, consider freezing your favorite drinks.
Pack Your Own Snacks
If you can, you should avoid buying snacks and drinks at airports because they're overpriced. Instead pack your own travel snacks, like nuts, cereal bars, candy, and other dry goods, to munch on while you wait for your flight.
Take a Nap at the Airport
Some airports, like London's Heathrow, offer sleeping pods where you can catch up on rest between long flight transfers. Pay $39 for four hours and you can take a shower (body wash and towels are provided) and enjoy a comfortable nap (not on the airport floor). If you're traveling internationally, check to see if your airport location offers this sleeping amenity. Your body will thank you.
Sign Up For a VIP Airport Lounge
If you're a frequent flier, you can use your flyer miles to buy a membership to airport lounges. Most lounges also offer day passes (under $50). These private, fancy spots are perfect for resting and offer amenities such as a great bar and knowledgeable staff.
Fly Red-Eye
If you really hate packed airports and rush-hour traffic and don't mind overnight flights, try booking for a plane that leaves past 10 p.m. You can simply go to sleep and wake up at your next destination without all the usual airport hassle.
Skip the Taxi Service
Check out the local transportation systems at your airport destination. See if there are air trains you can take to a regular metro or a bus that will take you to your destination. Avoid taxi services if you can, but if you really want to travel via car, check out services like Uber

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