What to Wear (and What NOT to Wear) to Coachella

There are only a few reasons you go to Coachella: you either love the lineup, like the party or can’t get enough of the fashion (or, all of the above!). No matter why you’re there, though, there are certain style rules that apply to everyone. So pull your bags out, and please don’t just play it by ear.

Do Keep It Loose

Tight ain’t right when it comes to Coachella clothing (unless you’re down with showing off your sweat stains, that is). Stick with loose attire that won’t cling to your body and will help you stay cool in the sweltering sun, like flowy little sundresses and roomy crop tops.

Don’t Buy Into Offensive Trends

Like a Native American headdress, for instance. While you might think it’s so boho chic, others might take serious offense to it, making it so not OK. Same goes for the whole bindi trend popularized by Vanessa Hudgens and Kendall Jenner in years past. Just don’t.

Do Pack a Lightweight Cardigan

If you’ve never experienced the desert cold, consider yourself lucky!Despite the typically high day temps, it can get cool and even downright chilly once the sun sets (and watch out for windstorms!). Yes, you can always purchase an official Coachella hoodie inside the festival, but count on having to wait in line since every other shivering girl will have the same idea. Better to be safe than sorry and at least stash a lightweight cardigan in your purse or a small beach towel in your backpack to cover up with.

Do Don a Hat, SPF and Some Smart Shades

Make a major music festival style statement while simultaneously protecting your peepers, face and hair from sun damage. Remember: the bigger the brim of your hat, the more effective it’ll be at keeping the sun out. Think dreamy 70s-inspired floppy hats and hip wide-brim fedoras. As far as your shades go, look for chic sunnies with at least 99% UVA and UVB absorption. Don’t forget to slather on that broad spectrum SPF 30+ — and reapply every couple hours!

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