3 Brilliant Ways to Detox Your Hair According to Fashion Week Pros

When it comes to hair health, it can be hard to ensure our strands stay damage-free after all the sprays, gels, and hot tools we use day to day. While this is obviously a struggle for girls everywhere, models — especially during New York Fashion Week — might take the cake when it comes to the amount of damaging products and scorching hot tools they're exposed to. Their shiny locks always look so glossy and voluminous on the runway, but all it takes is a single glance backstage to understand just how much those same models' hair is put through (seriously, the faint smell of burnt hair kind of wafts around backstage). 

So, if you've ever wondered how these lengthy-haired goddesses keep from permanently destroying their hair while jumping from show to show, we've got you covered. After interviewing a few NYFW stylists for their best hair recovery tips that the models — and RL women — can use to recover their hair health, we're brimming with secrets. Read on!

  1. Try Supplements:

Holli Smith, the lead hairstylist for Creatures of the Wind, says that while hair masks and deep conditioners are an obvious must, there's another approach to healthy hair that many don't know about: "The one thing that all these models do for their hair but don't necessarily talk much about is their use of the supplement  Viviscal. It strengthens the hair so that it's not prone to breakage, and it helps the new hair grow back in stronger and healthier."

  1. Mix Avocado Oil Into Your Conditioner:

"I put avocado oil into my conditioner every day to add extra moisture into my hair to give it an unbelievable shine," explained one hairstylist backstage at Jason Wu. Not only is avocado oil ultra-moisturizing for your hair, a few Pinterest users swear by its makeup removing powers as well (yes, even mascara).

  1. Only Detangle in the Shower:

Jeanie Syfu, lead hairstylist for TRESemmé, said backstage at Marissa Webb that every model must detangle her hair with extra care. "Take all the elastics and bobby pins out of your hair and hop in the shower without brushing first. Wet your hair, put a deep conditioner on it and wait until the hair is soft enough to run your fingers through — this means the products have disintegrated from your hair. Then, do a full shampoo and a second set of conditioning to fully detox the hair." This tip works best for girls who wear a ton of products in their hair, especially in those tight, super hair-sprayed hairdos (think wedding hair). Keep in mind that brushing your styled hair before showering can cause major breakage since the hair is dried out and impossibly tangled, so simply jumping in the shower first is your best bet.

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