3 Reasons Zara's French-Girl Leggings Are a Work of Genius


There was once a time when leggings were reserved for workouts or hangouts, but not so much anymore. As the body-hugging bottoms have edged their way into the fashion world, they've moved beyond an off-duty staple. Case in point is Zara's latest take on the trend: its Fuseau leggings. Fuseau is the French word for spindle but can also be slang for trousers with stirrups at the bottom.

While we've chronicled French women's complicated feelings about leggings before, this style caught our eye for a few reasons. First, the addition of pockets and a button-and-zipper front closure take this pair out of the athleisure category, planting them squarely as a fashion-forward choice. Second, the stirrups touch on a trend we've seen on major runways (like Balenciaga) over the past few seasons. And lastly, front seams add an extra bit of polish, making these leggings appropriate for date night or even the office.

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