5 Genius Decluttering Apps to Simplify Your Life

Need help organizing and cleaning your house?

Sortly App

For the hyper-organized, this is your dream app. Sortly lets you create a visual inventory by taking photos of your items or scanning QR codes. After you input your items, you can sort them into category folders by location (like in the jewelry box or in the garage closet). You can also tag certain items for easy search and include purchase and warranty dates for even more detail. And if you’re moving in the near future, you can use this app to keep track of inventory in boxes.


Motivate yourself (and your family members) to clean more often with this smart app. You can create cleaning tasks and to-do lists by frequency and the app will tell you when a chore is due or overdue, and when something was last cleaned. Family members can track the chores they’ve done and gain bragging rights, and also see who’s been slacking. Even if cleaning isn’t your favorite task, you’ll get a little sense of satisfaction by tapping on the “Just did it” button after you’ve completed a task.


If getting your kids to do their chores is as bad as getting them to eat their vegetables, this is the solution. ChoreMonster makes these tasks more appealing by turning them into games. Parents can set chores and offer different rewards (like an hour of free play or a trip to the ice cream store) for completion. Kids can log into the app (with their parents’ supervision, of course) and track their tasks, earn points for completing chores, and view potential rewards.


This is the ultimate app for roommates—you might never have a fight again. Keep inventory of supplies like toilet paper or dish soap and track who buys what. Or divvy up chores by assigning or claiming tasks. And keep stock of utility bills and due dates so everyone knows when to pay up. The app also has a “whiteboard” feature where you can message roommates about all of these tasks.


Sometimes you might need to ask for extra help. This is where Handy comes in. With this app you can schedule a date and time for a cleaning professional to come and tidy up. Plus, track the progress of your cleaning session—from when the cleaner is on the way to when he or she is just finishing up. The payment feature is easy to use through your phone, and it’s secure, too.

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