6 iPhone Apps that Are Worth Getting

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) celebrates its own innovations as well those from developers at the Apple Design Awards. The company once again noted 12 apps for excellent qualities each bring to your iPhone. We narrowed it down to six of our favorites that will make your life a bit easier and more fun.


Streaks ($4) is the to-do list meant to make you actually accomplish something. The app lets you track what six things you’d like to do and it’ll remind you to complete it and keep it consecutive.


Create fun, collaborative videos with Frame.io (free). Just simply upload the video, invite friends or business partners to it, and they can leave any comments they’d like.


Say goodbye to writer’s block with Ulysses ($25). Write anything you want and edit it freely with links, comments, and more. Once you’re done with a piece, easily turn it into a PDF, web page, and other formats.


Test your mind with INKS ($2), a pinball game that also creates art as you play. With more than 100 challenges, each “canvas tells the story of your game.”

Zova – Personal Trainer

Looking for a different kind of fitness app? Zova (free) is it, since it’s full of different types of workouts perfectly suited to your mood and style. You can download certain workouts, choose one for you and a friend, and a lot more than any regular fitness app.

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