New Years at Atlantis, Bahamas Part 1

New Years 2020 Atlantis Style
Ever felt like your year was 6months of good life and 6months of stressful life. 2019 felt like that for me. Though many good things happen, I mean great things. I was in school full time, I earned my 2nd degree in Graphic Design. I finally became a US Citizen at 35 yrs old, even though I been here since 8.5years old so that's a great year. So many obstacles but I got here, I came this far. My failures I give to God, My success I give to God because in the end we all have our journey and only God truly knows. 
2019 was pure heaven and pure hell. No I wont go into details of all the bullshit I went through. All the shit I put myself through and all the bullshit people put me through. No I wont go into it because just look at where I am standing. I came this far and all praises goes to God, Lord Jesus Christ and all my Angels. I really needed this vacation for myself and for my husband and our union. I can't wait to show you who we got to party with during the part 2 of this writing.
2020 will be full of life and that means we will have good days and bad days. Jamie says (my Great Solomon & my King Solomon & my Leo Prince & boo boo) all that matters is that you try your best to have more good days than bad days. 
God please bless us all with the grace to enjoy the good days. Please God bless us all with the strength to get through the bad days. And today thank you so much for a blessed great day, in Jesus name- Amen
Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2020

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