Decorative Pillows themes

I could spend most of my time doing decorative pillow. I just finished redoing my living room and guest bedroom (not the photo above). Decor pillow to a house is life jewelries to our bodies. It makes your space pop out and I love the different theme that you can have with these pillows. here are different themes ideas.


I like this because you can mix different patterns but keep the same color scheme. If your not OCD than this is for you.


Clearly this is for me since I am so OCD. I love matching everything but as you can see they did a 2 solid pillows which adds more pop to this room. The flowers are the bonus. Who doesn't like beautiful flowers in their home that matches their pillows. 


Blue and White is very classy whether you chose to mix and match the patterns or stick to one or two patterns. Any room that is a blue and white theme, the room will already look like a million bucks. If you never did this theme before, it's a must try and even you will feel like the queen or king of your kingdom.


Luxury theme pillow is usually made out of more expensive fabrics and trims. I mean 1 yard for $300 on some of these fabrics are considered a deal but your house will go to another level with themes pillow. For the best of the best get yourself some luxury pillows which most of the time are custom made just for you.


This is a different way to use your decor pillows but I love it. now I want to cover my couch with luxury fabric and make pillow that will look good with it. For sure I will let you know when I try this, I'm loving it.

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