Fall Fashion Trends That Won’t Disappoint

As we wave goodbye to crop tops and sandals, we're browsing through the racks and stocking up for fall’s wardrobe. From animal print to oversized coats to floral appliques (we're not saying bye to them just yet!), the runway has sparked fall's hottest fashion trends.

Here are the top 5 looks for fall 2018. We promise you won't be disappointed.

Animal print

While the most adventurous among us can get away with wearing animal print from head-to-toe this season, it’s fair warning to say that most people cannot. But, if you’ve had a hankering to wear your leopard blouse with leopard shoes with a leopard jacket … well, this is your season to throw caution into the wind and do it. Or, if you see your friend do this and wonder if she’s lost her mind, just know that it’s actually a thing. That said, maybe just going for a dress that is all animal print might keep you in the “safe zone.”


Ah, the lovely ’80s. Nods to the decade this season include metallic, shiny, foil fabrics; acid-washed denim; big coats; color blocking; neon and that certain glammed-up ’80s vibe. Think a silver jacket or shiny pants are too much? Not this year. Wear black leather pants with a boldly patterned shirt. Wear prints … glorious, big, bold, not-matching prints! All of these are back. If you want to embrace the look a little more subtly, perhaps try a bright clutch, a color-blocked shoe or a silver foil blouse. As far as acid-washed goes, I lived through the ’80s and can’t imagine ever wearing acid-washed anything again. If you didn’t live through the ’80s, now is your time to experiment.


Blouses are decidedly buttoned up. There are lots of ties at the neck. The midi-skirt is a bit longer. That’s not to say that all of these things aren’t pretty, as there does seem to be an embracement of romance in many of them, but modesty is in. Look at every photo included in this article for confirmation of that.

Shearling coats

From fuzzy collars to full-on fur coats to fluffy patchwork, collections like Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, and Givenchy consist of variations of fur (real and faux), proving texture never goes out of style.

Savile Row print

Fabrics like herringbone and glen plaid have always been synonymous with menswear, but thanks to the bold stylings of Saint Laurent, we expect all the girl bosses wearing various prints of Savile Row this fall, too.

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