Fulfill Your Craving for Summertime Adventure in Los Cabos

Traveling should be more about the memories you make and less about the stress of getting to your destination. We’ve partnered with men’s lifestyle and travel blogger Joe Miragliotta from Joe’s Daily to teach you how to make every trip a bucket-list trip.

I have to admit that, until just recently, when I thought about vacationing in Mexico, the Yucatan was really all that came to mind. It’s probably the result of growing up on the East Coast, as this area is much easier to get to than others. It wasn’t until I transplanted to LA—where the opposite is true—that I became aware of just how much I’d been limiting myself. After hearing about all of the great vacations people had to the west, I had no choice but to check it out for myself. The result: Los Cabos has been made the latest addition to my list of favorite places for summer adventure.

Where to stay

When it comes to vacations where you know a large portion of your time will be spent lounging by the water with a drink in hand, there’s no question that my vote is going to be for an all-inclusive resort. You just can’t beat that extra bit of relaxed you get when you know that you won’t be needing to pull out your wallet for anything. Of course, these can definitely be hit or miss in terms of quality, but let me tell you, Los Cabos has some really impressive options when it comes to quality.

As of right now, my favorite resort would have to be the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos. From the entrance to the rooms, everything you see is completely beautiful. Pair that with amazing customer service and you’re off to a great start. The food is definitely worth mentioning too. French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish—basically anything you could possibly want, they have. And it’s all really good (which I feel is important to point out, as the food at all-inclusives isn’t always as great as the location they’re serving it in). As for activities, it has basically everything you could want from a resort like this, including a “KidZ Club” for those of you putting together a family vacation.

What to do

While I could definitely spend all of my vacation at a place like the Ziva and be totally happy, it just wouldn’t feel right without going on an excursion or two. After all, I did say it was on my list of places for summer adventure. Honestly, the biggest problem I have with figuring out what to do in Los Cabos is narrowing it down. Whale watching, beach horseback riding, scuba diving, ATV tours, and camel safaris are just part of the list of adventurous things to do there.

My best advice would be to go with an adventure package like this one for climbing, rappelling & zip lining or this one for paddleboarding and snorkeling. Taking advantage of perfect pairings like these is an unbeatable way to make sure you get in all of the experiences you want, without feeling like you missed out on your equally important lounge time.

With all the different places to stay and things to do in Los Cabos, it’s hard to imagine anyone who couldn’t arrange the perfect vacation for themselves here. If you’re like me and weren’t aware of just how great the area can be, I highly recommend you give it a try for your next vacation.

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