Goodbye and Hello (The last letter)

Goodbye and Hello (The last letter)

It was never my intention to leave. Hear me out, to leave my familia in New Bedford or my beautiful Cape Verdean culture. Yes, we all want a better life and for me I measured a better life by making it in the fashion industry and I still haven’t made it but in the meantime, I did have success including my familia who’s amazing with big hearts, which explains why my heart is so big & I have Jamie, our fur babies, & I made so many friends.

Familia, when I hear CV music, it makes me sad that Im not there which makes me weak and when ur on a journey that’s the last thing to be, weak. I can’t even FaceTime so I don’t FaceTime much. I know I chose this life of chasing my dreams but my intention behind it has always and will always be good. I know my actions has been not all perfect but that’s how I learn and grow by trying it all. In one of the Shark tank’s episode they said, if your not making money its a hobby not a business & I want a business.

Friends, I’m sorry for breaking your heart. It goes like this, a lot of y’all do not want to grow or evolve, so let you go.A lot of y’all play a lot of mind games, so I let you go. A lot of y’all tried to compete with me and friends don’t do that to friends so I let you go. Some had kids and moved out and we just never made time for each other so we grew apart. You invited & I couldn’t make it. I invited you and you couldn’t make it, so we grew apart. Then, there’s me always moving, yea I know that makes it so much harder to be friends with me and Im really sorry about that. I haven’t found a location with the right job for me yet. Im really sorry about that.

This is a goodbye and a hello. Hello to all that’s still in my life and thank you for understanding and for still being friends with me. Thank you familia for still fighting for me. Hello y’all I know sometimes we have to say goodbye but we will always say hello as well. It will take much more effort on both parts but it can be done.
Goodbye and Hello, xoxo💋.

Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2020

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