Have a Drink Inside The World's Smallest Martini Bar

Sorry, James Bond, but the proper way to enjoy a martini is stirred, not shaken. That's what the bartender at the world's smallest martini bar tells me as he concocts a classic five-to-one drink. I'm sitting on the corner of Mill Lane and Stone Street in New York's Financial District inside a vintage delivery truck—a Citroën H Van, to be precise—that has been retrofitted to covertly house a fully functioning bar, with a refrigerator, a sink, storage for glasses, and just two seats at the marble top. It's called Camionnette, and it's a project by Grey Goose. The company, inspired by classic French bread delivery vans of yore, created the bar as a nod to its spirit's base of wheat (not potato, like most vodkas) sourced solely from Picardie, France. To transform the 1970s vehicle (which, by the way, can still be driven), Grey Goose tapped branding firm Ragged Edge, who filled the tiny interior with luxe materials like bronze, leather, and marble accented by brushed-metal and etched-glass details. A window is filled with bread made from Picardie wheat, disguising the van's true nature from the outside. But slide open the peephole cheekily marked with the phrase "ceci n'est pas une boulangerie," or "this is not a bakery," and you can peer inside what might just be the world's most intimate bar. Though visiting Camionnette is by invitation only, keep an eye out for its future stops.

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