Pendant Necklaces to Buy Now (Before They’re Everywhere)

Newton’s third law of accessorizing states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In 2016, that action was everyone and their mom festooning their necks with chokers. Per fashion law, in 2017, chains will lengthen and pendants big and small will break up the monotony of banding. While quietly seductive chokers will remain part of our jewelry rotation, we’ll offset their daintiness by pairing them with swaying statement necklaces.

As with all street style trends, this one’s hot off the (soon to be not so) recent runways. For Spring 2017, a host of designers championed the pendant necklace. Charms glinted on the catwalks at Prada, Lanvin, Givenchy, Chanel, Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, Paul & Joe, Esteban Cortazar and moreStyling’s easy. Pendant necklaces subtly draw the eye downward — coordinate neckline and necklace lengths accordingly. During the day, longer, outsize pendant necklaces add interest to modest outfits. (We especially like them with a silky tank-over-turtleneck look.) Once it hits cocktail hour, shorter-chained, daintier pendants complement plunging V-necks. Of course, there are no overarching rules when it comes to wearing jewelry. Diamond-encrusted, would-be evening glitter amps up daytime as well as nighttime looks — just ask Rihanna.

Do like the fashion set does and give your pendant necklace a personal touch. Head to your local pendant peddler (or call up New Top Jewelry) and commission a charm with personal significance. Or shop the pendant necklace collection we’ve culled in the slideshow below. Or do both.

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