Quick At-Home Skin Treatments That Give Instant Results

With everyone constantly being on the go, it’s often hard to find time to treat yourself. You know, even a two-hour spa treatment — as luxurious as it sounds — doesn’t fit into your schedule. But what if we told you the latest beauty trend involves quick at-home skin care treatments and products that give you instant results? We’re talking 20 minutes and under to glowing, hydrated skin, restored hair and more. (Oh yeah, there’s even a 15-second mask if 20 minutes is too long.)

Get to know these 4 amazing beauty saviors that deliver instant gratification. It’s like bringing the spa right to your house — and saving heaps of time and money while you’re at it.


Splash masks (also called pat masks) are brilliant. Instead of waiting around for 20 minutes like you would with a regular face mask, they work in just 15 seconds. This rejuvenating formula is a favorite. Just pat on your face in the shower, wait 15 seconds and boom —

Drunk Elephant

Another favorite must-have is Drunk Elephant's new Babyfacial. Forget about indulging in a facial that costs upward of $150 (although it's nice to pamper yourself every often!). This good-for-your-skin formula will help to improve skin's texture and give you a more youthful-looking complexion in under 20 minutes. Watch the latest Girls episode and by the show's end, you'll have glowy skin.

Natura Bissé
Natura Bissé, one of our favorite luxe brands, just released this three-step treatment that will exfoliate, brighten and lift in just 10 minutes. If your skin is dull and lackluster, this is all you really need to give it an instant revival


This handy gel will give you an immediate hydration boost a mere 15 minutes after applying. Whether using on its own or mixed with your favorite moisturizer, it will keep your skin super moisturized for 12 hours straight. A must for dry winter weather.

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