This is the Ideal Watch for Stylish Travelers

We've all been there — packing our bags for a trip abroad and lamenting over what fits and doesn't fit into our bag. After all, the key is to pack light, and packing multiple versions of the exact same item simply isn't practical. So, we look for functional pieces that can work with different looks, and transition from day to day with ease.

Here's where the new Daniel Wellington watch comes into play. Boasting the same stylish, minimalistic design as always, it already suits a multitude of looks, but the latest version — the Classic Petite — is so much more. Or should we say less? With a tiny 32mm face, interchangeable straps, and a durable stainless steel design, it's small enough to pack, and adaptable enough to wear with anything.

Working with Kendall Jenner in the new Classic Petite campaign, the model, traveler, and member of the Kardashian clan seems to love the watch as much as we do. As stated in a press release, Jenner said "I have worn and loved the Daniel Wellington brand for a long time. The Classic Petite is stylish and modern, and I can wear it with anything."

Those wishing to wear the latest style can find the Classic Petite in a few different variations. The watch dial can come in black or white, the stainless steel in rose gold or silver, and the thin NATO and leather straps in a multitude of colors and textures. Whether you stick to one or switch it up daily is almost irrelevant — your travel bag will stay just as light.

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