Why Women Love Wearing Men's Watches

It does not take much to notice that most watches are designed with men in mind. Of the watches that are designed for women, most ladies watches are smaller in size, include diamonds and bright colors, and house quartz movements. A lot of attention is given to the aesthetics of the watch and not so much to the movement or functionality of the watch.

While these are beautiful designs, they do not always fit every woman’s taste. That is why women wearing men’s watches has become a trend. If a woman wants to wear a larger watch with a great movement, rather than a dainty, feminine watch, her best option is to find a man’s watch that fits her style and needs. Many women will wear a smaller, standard ladies’ watch for formal occasions, but often prefer the larger, men’s watches for other, more casual occasions. A great way to pick up on the latest trends is by watching what the celebrities are wearing, as they often start new fashion trends, and to stay up to date on what watch enthusiasts are saying on watch forums, such as Watchuseek.

Many watch enthusiasts agree that men’s watches on women’s wrists can be a great look and also agree that there is a limit on just how big the watch should be. There should be no lug overhang, which would result if the watch case was wider than the size of the woman’s wrist. Not only would this look sloppy, but it would make for an uncomfortable fit. Typically, a 36mm – 40mm watch is the perfect, oversized fit for a woman’s wrist. This size is usually in the mid-sized men’s category of watches.

Here are a few men’s watches that can be worn by women:

Rolex Daytona

Many females, including female celebrities such as Elle McPherson, have been spotted wearing a men’s Rolex Daytona watch. This model appeals to women because it has a detailed design that is not too loud. This particular Rolex Daytona 116520 watch has a diameter of 40mm, the perfect size for a woman looking for a large, oversized watch. It’s white dial paired with the stainless steel case, bezel, and bracelet give the watch a classic and understated design. In addition to a great design, women will also find this watch very useful and dependable. It has chronograph and tachymeter scale on the bezel, both of which are necessary when measuring elapsed time. The movement is an officially certified Swiss chronometer, which is incredibly precise.

Panerai Radiomir

The Panerai Radiomir is another excellent choice for women. It is oversized, but the leather strap will increase comfort. The Radiomir does not have the large, protected crown that has become iconic to Panerai watches, which helps to make it fit better on a lady’s wrist. Radiomir watches also have thinner lugs compared to the larger, thicker lugs on most other Panerai watches. These thinner lugs make for a better fit on the wrist, as the thicker lugs would most likely hang over the sides of a lady’s wrist. But it is not all about the bold appearance. A woman also wants a functional, reliable watch. This particular Panerai Radiomir PAM 273 features several functions that a woman will find useful, such as a date window, day and night indicator, and a 10 day power reserve. If a woman is looking for a classy watch with a bold design, the Panerai Radiomir is a great choice. Heidi Klum, Stana Katic, and many other female celebrities sport the Panerai Radiomir.

IWC Portofino Mid-Size

Another men’s watch that tends to be popular among women is the IWC Portofino watch. This IWC model has a traditional, delicate design, without the use of diamonds or bright, feminine colors. Its dial is simple with either a white or black dial and thin baton hour markers. It has a diameter of 40mm, which will fit perfectly on a lady’s wrist. The leather strap will make for a comfortable fit and also adds to the timeless design.

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