Gigi Hadid Explains How To Wear High Waisted Pants


When you think about high-waisted pants, the notion of "high fashion" might not immediately pop to mind. The high-waisted pant is generally grouped under the category of "mom jean" or just considered to be generally unflattering. Gigi Hadid, however, is here to convince us to rethink the style.

With two recent outfits, Gigi has showed us how, exactly, the roomy, high-waisted trouser can look polished. Plus, the transitional time from Spring to Summer is the perfect moment to try a high-waisted pant, whether paired with a long-sleeved top or — as Gigi's worn — with a crop top.

If you decide to try the style yourself, it's worth thinking about following Gigi's lead on two points. First, Gigi wears hers with a belt. It's a good styling move, since a belt serves to break things up visually. And secondly, Gigi's high-waisted trousers have wide silhouettes. Going for a baggier cut has an added bonus: they're crazy comfortable.

High-waisted pants already have lots of volume and provides lots of coverage, and a blousy top made of a lot of fabric will compete with that. If you pair an overly blousy top with skinny high-waisted jeans, you risk looking like a chicken lollipop where all the bulk is pushed to the top. So just say no to the blousy top.

Like most things in fashion, high-waisted pants look infinitely better when they’re in your correct size. Whether you prefer straight like Miley Cyrus’s Maison Martin Margiela pants or cropped like Vanessa Hudgens’ Catherine Malandrino pants, do get them tailored for you — your look will thank you.

Wear the Correct Hem Length: On straight or flared high-waist pants, you want the hem just at the top of the toes. On skinny high-waist jeans, you want the hem just at the ankles.  Any shorter and they’ll be pedal pushers; any longer and they’ll just bunch up around the legs, making you look shorter.

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