Eve & Kane Are Making Luxury Fashion Affordable

Affordable and luxury aren’t words you hear strung together too often. Generally, the idea of luxury is that it’s exclusive, this plus the high quality of the product hikes up the price making it far from friendly on your bank balance.

Eve & Kane launched in Sydney in 2013, their aim is to make pieces of the highest quality without the excessive price tag usually associated with luxury brands. They’re not trying to achieve luxury status with eccentricity and extravagance, instead their designs are simple with an emphasis on timeless style and colour.

Eve & Kane’s collection is made from genuine leather with suede and textured styles building up the selection. The strength of the collection is enhanced by the sheer variety of original colourways and patterns, some obviously designed specifically for the brave at heart.

The key for them is in the attention to detail, they personally pick out leathers and suedes which are then handcrafted into their various styles. Before a customer receives a pair of shoes from Eve & Kane they’re given a quality control inspection, it’s these finer details that make their products luxury pieces.

The driving shoes pictured above were designed with comfort at the fore and they’re easily styled with your summer garms now that you’ve finally decided to stop wearing all black everything.

The perfect companion for a Sunday drive in a classic car, Eve & Kane’s leather loafers are just as at home on a night out or any occasion that requires something a bit more sophisticated than your sneakers. Whether you opt for an understated and versatile colour or one of the more eye catching options, these shoes are bound to serve you well for years to come.

With spring racing in full swing and summer around the corner, there’s really no better time to pick up a pair of loafers. All of Eve & Kane’s designs, are finished with an extra cushioned leather innersole and presented in a premium white matte shoe box.

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