3 Easy Hairstyle Upgrades You Should Try ASAP

Your Go-to Style: Half-Up, Half-Down

Upgrade: Half Back Twist

Seen at Zac Posen, this romantic style plays nicely with natural textures, like curls and waves, so don’t you don’t have to fuss with straightening your hair each morning. This best of both worlds style is also great for when you want your hair out of your face, yet you want to wear some of it down, too.

1.Spritz a texturizer spray like Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray ($11, sephora.com) on dry strands from mid-shaft to ends to create grip.

2.Section hair from the arches of your eyebrows and roughly pull back—leaving a little lift and volume at the roots—and pin in place at the back of your head.

3.Then pull the two side sections hanging down (a few inches above your ears) back and criss-cross them over each other to cover the first pin and secure in place with a few bobbies.

4.Loosen a few wispy pieces around the hairline, then finish with another shot of texturizer.

Your Go-To Style: Basic Ponytail

Upgrade: Sleek Low Pony

Don’t have time to wash your hair? Good news; sleek low ponytails (like the ones seen at TIBI) are in and they’re perfect for concealing one day (or two or three day) old hair.

1.Create a middle or side part, depending on what you prefer. Make sure to use a comb to ensure a straight line.

2.Tightly pull hair behind ears and secure a ponytail at the nape of your neck using an elastic. If your hair is thick, double up on hair ties to help your ponytail stay in place.

3.Spray hairspray like Aveda Air Control Hairspray ($29, aveda.com) or a shine mist onto your fingertips and gently smooth down any flyaways—a dryer sheet also works in a pinch.

4.Jazz up the look by adding a piece of ribbon from your craft drawer—models at the show wore leather belts—around the elastic.

Your Go-To Style: Bun

Upgrade: Braided Low Do

Take your bun up a notch with this easy braided “low-do” as seen at the Joseph DiMaggio for Novis show.

1.Make a center part then smooth hair into a low ponytail in the right corner of the nape of your neck and secure with an elastic.

2.Add in a texturizer like Davines This Is A Texturizing Dust ($29, davines.com) to the length of the ponytail to add bulk, and then divide into four sections.

3.Create a box braid by crisscrossing each section over and under each other from right to left until you reach the bottom and secure with an elastic. A regular three-strand braid works, too (so don’t stress out if you don’t know how to do a box braid).

4.Flatten the braid horizontally across the nape of your neck, tucking the “tail” behind the braid and pinning in place.

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