5 Key Fashion Pieces That Will Boost Your Confidence

True confidence, of course, comes from within, but self-image can be influenced by the choices we make when it comes to personal style. What we wear is an extension of the body and, as such, ourselves. Not only is it a projection of our inner self, it is a chance to challenge ourselves. Luckily, there are many ways to do so.

To find out if your wardrobe is working for you, consider the following questions. Do the clothes you wear embrace your body or fight against it? Do you hide your flaws or do you flaunt your virtues? Are the colors as bold as your heart or are they muted by fear? Do your accessories tell a story? Are you comfortable? Confidence isn’t about following a trend. It’s about being the “you” that you want to be. Fashion lets you be fearless.

To help you build a confidence-boosting wardrobe, here are 5 key fashion pieces to get you started.


A blazer can dress up any look and kick it up a notch from casual to polished. You can wear it with jeans and dresses alike. Now, if you want to be brave and step beyond the edge, trade in for a colorful blazer instead of the typical black one.


Nothing can make you feel quite like a superstar like wearing sunglasses. There's just some sort of swagger to them, perhaps derived from the sense of being incognito, which makes us feel uninhibited. Research has even shown that wearing sunglasses can make you feel sexy.

Statement Heels

You may not be feeling particularly powerful this moment, but try slipping on a pair of statement shoes and you'll feel an instant boost in confidence. You'll be sure to draw some attention, too. But you're fearless, right?

Pencil Skirt

A must-have in every wardrobe, the pencil skirt highlights, enhances and celebrates curves. Best of all, there's a flattering pencil skirt style for just about every body type.

Animal Prints

On the inside, you're an animal. Well, adding an animal print to your outfit can make you roar on the outside too. Whether your spirit animal is a cheetah or a leopard, there's nothing neutral about you. So, unleash your inner animal…the fashionable way.

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