Book Signing with John Tschirch

The best way to talk about this book is through john's own writing. 






The painter slowly dotted and dabbed the window sill with his brush. Violet insisted he was painting "only a house, not a masterpiece!" Without missing a brushstroke, the painter replied, "they are the same to me." In the city of Delft sits the little house on a little street in a little universe of its own. Violet is there to empty the house for an impending sale. Time for her is counted in seconds. For the painter, time is measured in millennia. Who will prevail? What will become of the little house on the little street? Find out in "Little Street," in my collection of short stories entitled "Gods and Girls: Tales of Art, Seduction and Obsession."

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Images: "Little Street" (1658) by Jan Vermeer. Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam. The author on an old brick sidewalk with an old brick wall on a little old street.


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