Travel Destination: Newport, RI Aardrark Antiques

On our way to our book signing event, Marisa and I had few stops. When we drove by Aardark Antiques she could easy tell that I wanted to check it out. I am so happy that we did. The customer service was great. They helped us parked our car in a good location. You don't even have to go inside because there's no many things outside that finding a treasure could easily be done. Ohh yea, we went inside, and my first though was I don't want to leave. Its like love at first sight with a lot of objects that we walked by.The furnisher, The chandeliers, the silverware, the posters and so many more treasures. 

Below: These are my photos below. yup, Im a Leo so I want this Lion. Its all metal and taller than us. It was just $40,000 each lol. yes its a pair. #goals


Below: This photo is from the company's instagram page with the caption "Watch the Bachelorette tonight to see the episode that was filmed in Newport. Props by Aardvark Antiques" #bachelorette#newportri #proprental #belcourtcastle

Below: This is what I left with: I took these photos from Google. Mine is still in the box and I don't want to open it yet but it looks something like these. Its a 1920's cystal punch bowl with matching cups. I can't wait to party with them.


9 JT Connell Highway
Newport, Rhode Island 02840
Phone: (401) 849-7233
Fax: (401) 849-1591
Toll free: (800) 446-1052

Instagram: @aardvarkantiques


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