DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

For the price of a typical holiday centerpiece (and practically no effort at all), you can create your own table display with a cornucopia of everyday items. Have a seat—we’ll show you how.

Artful Abundance

All it takes is a stop at the farmers’ market or a grocery store to get this bountiful look. Pile on the produce—a mix of colors, shapes, and sizes—in a loosely undulating line. Pair with any mismatched patterned dishes you have on hand for an easygoing vibe. Elevate the arrangement by using serving pieces with different heights. Weave in a few flowers, too. Choose items that you can reuse—say, for an outdoor display (gourds) or as a snack (grapes).

Clean and Green

A structured setup of sculptural succulents—one per place setting—is the star of this sleek, restrained display. Bring in some warmth with metallic (or wood) accents. For a shot of color, sprinkle pink himalayan salt around each succulent. A minimalist arrangement is ideal for a family-style meal, leaving plenty of room for dishes and platters.

Refined Rustic

Create a “runner” by lining up various potted herbs and nestling in a few bread boards, etc. (You don’t have to be too perfect with the placement.) Stick with neutral pots—gray, white, terra-cotta—if you’re planning on colorful place settings. Fresh herbs are a bang-for-your-buck pick: they lend a table a lush, leafy look along with a subtle scent.This display does double duty: the potted plants can turn into parting gifts when your guests are ready to go home.

Light and Luxe

For a fresh take on the traditional table, play up a classic monochromatic palette: white. Accent the dishes with a sprinkling of chunky white candles and smaller votives, nestling the bigger ones in metallic dishes (we used garden saucers here), with a few lush magnolia leaves layered underneath each.

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