This Handy New Invention Promises to Be the Keurig of Cocktails

Looking for an easy way to enjoy a bar-quality drink in your own home without bartending experience? A new appliance gives you exactly that, and it’s easier than making a cup of coffee. The Somabar, a “robotic bartender,” promises craft cocktails all at the press of a button. The invention started as a Kickstarter, raising upwards of $300,000.

This Wi-Fi enabled device promises to make more than 300 different cocktails in seconds—from Margaritas to Martinis—all controlled with a simple tap on the app. Are you a budding mixologist yourself? The app lets you add your custom concoctions to its cocktail catalog for you and all Somabar owners to use.

Using six Soma Pods, the machine will measure and stir the ingredients needed to make the perfect drink. You’re not limited to certain brands or pods, either. The refillable pods allow you to use the liquors, mixers, syrups and bitters you like best. And don’t worry about dealing with hand-washing a sticky cartridge afterwards. The Soma Pods are dishwasher safe, too. Entertaining to guests who all want different drinks? The machine self-cleans between drinks, meaning there won't be lingering tastes from the previous order.

Like everything that seems too good to be true, there are downsides. The Somabar can’t add special garnishes like cherries on top. You like your martini shaken (not stirred)? You might want to hold off for now, too. And if you’re looking for a cold drink, you’ll have to prepare by sticking the pods in the fridge before serving.

The Somabar is now available for pre-order in six different color combinations. The price is steep at $429 (but if you're used to paying $14 plus tip for a Cosmo, it might start to pay for itself). According to the Kickstarter page, the machines are currently in the manufacturing process. No word yet on ship date, but we’re hoping it will come in time for some tasty holiday cocktails.

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