Introducing The “Shacket”

Is it a shirt? Is it a jacket? Actually, it's both. Now's the time to get to know the "shacket," fashion's latest hybrid-clothing obsession.

Allow us to break it down for you: A shacket comes in the silhouette of a classic (or slightly boxier) button-up shirt, but it's more weighty. It's usually thick enough to act as a jacket, but equipped with the same layering capabilities as an open oxford. Similar to the "coatigan" (a coat-meets-cardigan mix), there's only a slim seasonal window in which this piece can actually be worn: It's ideal for those brisk-but-sunny fall days, but depending on the weight and material you choose, you'll likely need to layer something heavier on top when temperatures fall below 55 degrees. Or, you could wear it underneath a structured full-length coat for a combination that's as warm as it is stylish.

Have we convinced you that the shacket is a must?

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