History hasn't been so good to females.

History hasn't been so good to females. We were basically slaves, a property to do whatever men wanted to do with us. Men then turned around and erased females from history. I mean I love the Bible, but it was men throughout history that decided what books to keep in and what books to leave out of the Bible and of course the females had to be the bad example.

Men, unlike God, have always wanted control and power over females and Earth. In the beginning it was only men, females, animals, fishes, and earth. Men first took control over females and they became more powerful.They took control over animals and became more powerful, then they took control over Earth and now Earth is almost dead.

First of all, Earth is heaven on Earth. If we lived in balance, we all would already be in Heaven. Men took mountains away to create diamond rings and try to reach God with their skyscrapers and now Mother Earth is dying.

Men can never be GOD because first you would have to go through us Females. Jesus came to Earth by the Pussy power, so we females are your true asset to reaching God and you fukk that up, when you surpassed us, raped us, enslaved us, and got rich off us while we stood barely eating and our kids starving and dying.

Men, you know how to fukk shit up but let me warn you, one of those kids will be Jesus or one of  his kids, coming for you.That’s why God put our brain in our head and not in our ass.

Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2020

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