The balance of Life

I wonder if we all was already in the perfect place, in our own kingdoms, even the animals, why can we let them be in their own kingdoms, why must we make them our slaves, breed them and take them away from their mom and dad and make the our pets, our zoo slaves, our work slaves and our food. Why can’t some kingdoms hunt for food because of their location and other kingdoms fish for food because of their location and other kingdoms plant for food because of their location. 

Why did we have to mess up the balance of kingdoms, the balance of life of what was already the perfect EARTH at the beginning. If we respected EARTH, and each other than we would not be living today this unbalanced World.

I say God already had it perfect, then men want to tell us we believe that you need to die in order to go to heaven. Bullshit,  stop trying to control people with your lies, and by using everything you can to control humans including education, beliefs, and all types of community networks.Now people are fighting each other, and distractions, with 

“my nationality is better than your nationality bullshit distraction”.

When we all should be fighting for BALANCE OF EARTH. BALANCE IN HUMANS, BALANCE IN FOOD, BALACE IN OCEAN, BALANCE IN CLASSES, ECT. YOU GET THE POINT. Hating each other and killing each other, how is that helping one another on Earth.

There’s only 2 options.

Come together as 1 race (human race) and save Mother Earth and each other, with new balance (for all) laws


Kill Mother Earth and each other and in the end, this VERY SPECIAL UNIQUE PLANET EARTH and 

ALL THE LIVES IN IT WILL DIE, sooner than you think.


Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2020

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