”community mindset” vs “myself mindset”

I used to think that the generations before us were the root of the tree of life but what if we, ourselves are still part of the root of the tree of life, and the unknown future is part of a bigger picture that even us have yet to understand, no matter how intelligent we are. Being part of something bigger and creating a better path for the ones after us ( as long as they appreciate it) I say let’s do it. My root is God, my grandparent and Cape Verde Islands. I always tell people, it’s because of my root and my foundation that I have such a big heart. I think we should always celebrate our roots and celebrate the world unification idea because that guarantees a better path for the coming generations. 

In every generation there are people in this World who are all about them, them, them. It saddens my heart that I now have to learn to be about me, me, me , which I don’t know how to be and what made me happy the most was when we used to be about us all. The people around the world have changed their foundation from” community mindset” to “myself mindset”. Look, I can't tell you which one to be but for me I dislike the all about me, me, me mentality. They say life is a mountain and we all climb it differently. Some reach the top and some don’t but what I’ve learned in life is the opposite as “they” try to teach you, it’s like “they” don’t ever want you to actually reach the top which I think GOD intended all of us to reach. Life is actually a mental fight, that’s why the whole World fills our minds with garbage, garbage and more garbage, and more garbage. Just think, your mind has always been the key to unlocking ANY life you want. So why are “they” working day and night to stop us all from unlocking it.

History gave us generations after generations of what worked and what did not work. Humans are not going to change anytime soon according to history and the shape that our generation is in today in 2020. Our mind does connect us to ourselves, our heart, our faith, the higher power, and all our desires in life. Our foundations since we were born have a big impact on the kind of person we are today. We are all still part of the tree of life and it seems that the moment we choose to be about “myself mindset”, the tree of life starts to die. It’s been dying for a long time. That’s another reason we should always celebrate our roots and World-Unification and have a “community mindset” in order to save the tree of life, in order to save Mother Earth and in order save the human race. World-Unification should start thinking about the One Race Concept vs. Many Races. History has taught us that all other options will only be a mask under the real problem, like the foundation of a mountain, you can not just build a city on it without the right foundation support and respecting mother nature. Then you can learn to live with the mountain or we have learned from history that mudslides can destroy cities and millions of lives. What do we want to wake up tomorrow to?


Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2020

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