Home is Everything

Home is wherever we are together. Health is everything because it keeps us together. Home now has a new meaning. Home is everything. Loneliness is what I felt when you were out there saving the world. Who will save our world at a time like this. Family is the most important thing in life but we have made it the least important thing in life. We have tough humans that in order to make enough money to have a family, they have to leave their homes, their communities, their cultures in order to make enough money.

During that time as years pass by most become lonely, depress, and develop negative habits because they didn't make time for love and family. Many other people try to do both but because it's very hard to balance it, most couples separate, families are broken, bloodlines are cut off. Depression, loneliness, and finance issues lead people and many households into more negative habits or worst death. Females takes a huge hit, though there are plenty of stay home dads and single parent dads that does a great job trying to balance everything but they also know how hard it is to really stay balance and a lot of importance things goes unfinished, untouched, or they have to not make it a priority. For example, get a checkup at the doctor's office but mostly it is the females that suffer a lot while they decide between chasing their dream, having a career, and creating a family. 

We all have been in many people’s homes. If your lucky enough, you have traveled all over the world and experience different cultures but for most of us, our home will always be our favorite place. Our community and our culture will always be our favorite location to live at but now the world is so mixed up that you lose a touch of your own culture and your own priority in life. Since the world wants you to give up everything and everyone in order to have a chance at success or just make enough money to get by, it's really hard for us to remember what’s the most important thing in life or hard for anyone to make a priority of what they want to make a priority of. We mourn and pray for all of those we lost in 2020. This year has reminded all of us what’s most important in life. Spending time with the people you love, connecting with your community, reconnecting with your faith, praising God and all the angels for a blessed life. As humans, we forget very fast and return to our selfish ways so Let's try to not forget 2020. I know we are still in the middle of this storm but let's also take this time to  learn and become better people and make life a priority.

Home is wherever we are together. Staying home and appreciating each other was well needed in this world. I'm sorry it took something so sad to happen to the World  for us to be home more. We are all different but we are one human race, living on one very special Earth. As humans, we do hold all the powers over animals, mammals, plants and more. As we do have this power, we have a great responsibility to take care of each other and our home, mother earth. Home is wherever we are together. Health is everything because it keep us together. We should reprioritize ourselves because home now has a new meaning.

Home is now everything. Family is Everything.

Our Family is everything and being there for each other is everything.

🧜🏽‍♀️ Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2020



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