I can’t apologize for having a dream

If a trillionaire or a billionaire gave everyone one hundred dollars each they still would not be able to save you, starting with hunger, water, clothes than homes etc. Does $100.00 help you? If I gave everyone my husband’s money I would be broke & most of time that’s why I’m broke. My dream has always been to save the world and I’m learning money is not the best way to save the world.

Please don’t be jealous of me, I have sacrifice so much, and everyone knows that it takes money to make money. All this luxury lifestyle is to help me get to where I wish to be.A luxury fashion designer like Dior. Which I was aways too poor to reach. There’s a lot of smart people that can’t even show the world how smart they are or how talented they are just because they are too poor to shine.

I can’t apologize for having a dream n choosing to chase it. Took a lot of sacrifice but I know the road I chose

Most of y’all have a job and get a pay check, I happen to marry money and that was my choice so now I don’t need a paycheck. And that came with a huge sacrifice. And I still won’t give him power over my kids as I still won’t have kids until I reach my success and that’s just poor mentality but I grew up money poor.

Dear poor people it takes money to make money & poor people don’t have money so it’s hard to understand it and the world does not make it easy for poor people to make money. It’s a lose lose situation and to make money requires a lot of sacrifice,work smart and work hard, play by the rules and make your own rules, have faith and fight the crowd with a dirty mouth and action. I would love to be mother Theresa after I choke a bitch out,(See that’s me making a point) That’s just the world we live in.

I’m a lot of things but I could never be jealous of anyone because the Bible taught me that jealousy will lead to hate one way or another. I’m not jealous of rich people n celebrities I’m only inspired by them. I’m not jealous of people, I’m only inspired by them And I love showing off all the people I love so please don’t be jealous of me, it breaks my heart that you would think I’m all set on top of the World when I wake up every day and fight fight fight so one day instead of giving $100 to each person maybe I could teach someone how to make life easier for themselves and their families and then the world by money, by not being afraid to love and show that you can love and by appreciating each other and show each other off and not be jealous or hate each other.

You broke my heart so I took my heart back because all I wanted to do was love you and along the way all you saw was money and the good life but the good life is work for me, that’s business for me, so one day I can help you, than you could pass it on, you will learn and you will become.

I haven’t even reached my peak and they try to shoot me down, you stop loving me just because I’m a light. yes I want to be among the stars why would u shoot me down. I am a light please don’t dim it. Please don’t be jealous of me.
Let’s please learn how to take care of each other’s Light.

Take it all but no one is dimming my light.


Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2020

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