March 2022 HELL In Hong Kong

I reached a point letting people put me in ICU, not literally but in every other way. Can you imagine how big of a fighter I have become by this point. I survived a lot of wars, only to return back home (USA) to a great war as well. Family against Family. Nationalities against their own kind. On Earth, there is no home for LOVE for me any more. People don't give me love, you know  true love is unconditional love. I have so much of that in me, of course THEY WANT ME DEAD. I want that love in them as well. They don't know how to get it.

Honestly it's simple, when I was young, my grandparents gave me so much love. I carried that Love with me until I searched for God and read the Bible. I don't trust the BiBLE, but I trust God, the God in me. I kept a very close relationship with him inside of me. I would meditate and go sit with him and tell him everything & ask him everything, and my favorite was how he would always make me laugh, such a joker he is to me, so he became my favorite Best Friend. From my Grandparent’s Love to the Love God gave me, I always try to PASS THAT ON to people. Till this day, even when people are jealous of my personality or my material gains or my passion to chase my dream of becoming a fashion designer of the stars-humans and the normal humans. Fashion is not where I stop and start my designing dream, I can be any designer, Interior designer, Grapher designer, or Life designer. Humans, Spirits, Aliens, Angels, & Demons, Some of them want to DEAD because of my past and my future. Some of them want to be alive because of my past and my future but me, personally I knew I could have been with God a long time ago. He loves me and he loves how I love him, but I still chose to try to help as many beings as I can. Only God can judge me so, lol everyone's judgment towards me has ZERO VALUE to me. 

Now I am LOVE but ICU left me with a lot of disabilities that I have to now work on. Like that saying,

“Learn to walk all over again and learn to talk all over again. There will be many wars but with my Wonder Woman experiences and I have learned that I don’t need to KEEP DIEING anymore in order to win the war for LOVE & GOD. Everyday is a new day for me to make changes and adjust what needs to be adjusted. 

Kong Hong Island gave me heaven and hell but it will never take away my LOVE for the ASIAN CULTURE.

The USA gave me heaven and hell but it will never take away my LOVE for the AMERICAN CULTURE & FREEDOM.

Cape Verdeans stopped supporting me when I was chasing my American Dreams, so I left my Fashion House Original name with them, Casa de Angelina, I will never bring that back and THEY made me leave my original Facebook Page, NO LOVE THERE FOR ME but THEY will never take away my LOVE for the CAPE VERDEAN CULTURE, I was born in Cape Verde Islands, Raised in USA  and because of my husband lived in Hong Kong, no one taking those those LOVE away from my HEART.

So now let's start my March 2022 Article…

…March was the hardest and the darkest month during our two years in Hong Kong.

Jamie was sick (not my business to fully tell), my live in helper kept him sick behind my back.

Which I would later find out. I didn’t sleep all night and all day until it turned to days. I just kept taking 5 mins naps before being awakened by my husband. I started hallucinating from SLEEP DEPRIVATION. My husband turned into a monster on me, it broke me. The helper broke me. I finally wanted them both out of my life forever. Too much to write so my next article will be details of my darkest month. I went to the hospital, they transferred me to a mental hospital for a week where that experience was full of hate and hell from the Asian staff. I never want to talk about this experience so please don't ask about it. I can't wait to move on from this post, from this month, March 2022.

Went home to find my husband in the position thanks to the helper, she not only always killed my husband but she always killed me as well but look at me, I’m a double Leo ♌️ it will take more than that. I healed myself at a super speed and bounced back. I hope KARMA gets you, your family and your friends for what you did to me and my family, Filipino Cunt!!!!!!

I though I wanted to write details of my experience but its even too hard to do that here for y'all. I just want to move forward but I will write some things I wrote down while I was hallucinating.


🛡Action: Everyone in every Country,Planet,& Space.

needs to cast your a RESET Ballot. 

People, Humans, Beings,GODS,Kings…,all to reset.

EARTH was 




DOES NOT EXISTS, Mind is Poor of Education—>>Meditation is Education.

No Books in Schools, meditations Universities. Now look at Space&Earth? Both NOT happy, Both needs each other to learn this LESSON.

🛡Action: NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

🛡Action: Education & Meditation is EQUALLY IMPORTANT.

✨🖕🛡: Why? Because We are already as bodies able to Space Traveling, Planes (don’t need it) I went to nyc, hk, and another planet 🪐✨water I saw it. Not Spaceships 

🚀 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀


With Great Power(S) comes Great Responsibility,…you failed again, you could keep trying with 🚀 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

or with 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻🧘🏾‍♂️🧎🏽‍♀️🧎🧎‍♂️📿.

🌏🌍🌎✨Angelina de Jesus Solomon


To save earth n To travel to space beings

must have GOD’s Mind, 

Clean your mess I’m OCD

We have to be stronger 


TOGETHER more than ever.

GOD took away all your religion GODS(celebrities+religions+talents)that u Worships(they were Humans) each NATION SHOW RESPECT!!!! ONLY one GOD


Our bodies got used to Devil’s Food, so it started to reject GOD’s Food. Devil now is in your BODY.

Even, when the WHITE Nation took over the World because of the Egyptian had ‘the KEY, HOLY SPIRIT (the Real Bible), 


Dangerous Fruits:

Too much sweets 

Africa Nation You was the fist humans on earth, therefor it only makes sense that God would give them, Key!!! OR They(People) got so EVIL, so GOD took away the HOLY SPIRIT from them. It’s only makes sense that NOT only the White Nation, but all other NATIONS went to AFRICA in hopes find, n take HOLY SPIRIT. SLAVES THE BLACK, So the real TRUE GOD, don’t come back GOD JESUS.


The First FAMILY 

Together on Earth !

No Religion Necessary

(Something went Wrong)

Past Lives are real, 

Reincarnation are real

Our SPIRITS keep hopping from Bodies to Bodies Space to Earth (very dizzy).

Every NATION got some right, some wrong. Congratulations 🎉🍾🎈🎊 because of all of YOU, we did IT.

  1. Only GOD is the Truth
  2. Everything after God is a LIE/does not exist. Genesis Book, is the only PLACE WHERE GOD IS, religion came after, FATHER helping y’all dumb ass Human’s again. 
  3. GOD wants to see how long it takes for us Earth humans & Space beings to remember that
  1. Demons & Devil & Evilness don’t exist. God said take all the blessings you want, raise yourselves and raise the Universe. Do the opposite and I GOD take it all away.
  2. Humans are Earth Beings.
  3. You have to go through Hell in order to be able to go to GOD, whenever you want. Like, visiting our next door neighbor and then going back to your house, Earth. But this is Actually is Opposite. To go to HEAVEN right here right now, Go Back to GOD as humans, not GODS. Y’all need to get humbled, and rid off everything that’s killing y’all on earth 🌎 each other, so come together or Die All Together including Angelina de Jesus Solomon.

1.Mission: To Remember the Above .

  1. Space beings are just doing their JOB for GOD. Keep HUMANS inside their PLANETS That’s their duty and responsibility. And God bless them with their own true blessing for doing this JOB. GOD gave them SPACE.
  2. OurHomePlanet humans are doing all the bad work because you continue to remain STUPID. Think of it like this, Space beings  live in a house, apartment or wherever they want to live. In each house there’s only ONE house PLANT. That’s is the main source for life in that house, that plant aka EARTH is that important to that house. Killing EARTH is Killing our SPACE beings home, our galaxy, so yes THEY are mad at earth. And stop calling them Aliens, they are Beings. and if you bring ear to them, u can’t win like the “stupid” movies. And if humans get bad as fukk imagine when u piss off a SPACE beings. They keep trying to communicate with us and tell us that, but instead of being friendly, we slaved them, lab-rats them, killed them, and stoled their technology.
  3. Do you understand how important that house plant is to them? Humans, just stay on earth and rebuild, we now know how to do it, I know I do.


Keeps the rich from being humbled?

Devil is in Religion as “GOD”.

GOD is the DEVIL and 


Since we didn’t listen to GOD and read the ONE Book HE told US to NEVER READ., well educated God’s Children, lol GOD showed you,lol.


Living together 

We all had jobs

Alien Beings in space

Humans Beings on earth

Fighting each other because they keep trying to take each other’s place.

We all like to forget about the real problem, how to reach God. 

The Devil Monster keeps us both in Space & Earth from reaching God.

Both connect to GOD by going inside of yourself. Do not Give Up ur Space (Earth & Space). Earth=Heart Space=Mind

We are focusing on the wrong book,

Don’t focus on revelation book,

Evil is there. Only focus on  Gen e sis.

What else do you know? 

Evil takes you up to see what else you know.

So dear humans, believe it or not. Mental is one of the main things we need to be.

We are giving ourselves, our knowledge, and our God’s wisdom of

Love, light, and how to live on Earth. I'm not trying to be religions,

We give out of life sources to technology, aliens, or demons/devil.

Whatever name you want to give them, that’s what is happening.

We all need to learn to close our mouths. No seriously,

Try it, go one day of being fully aware of ur talking.

  1. Do not talk, 2. Be aware of your mind communicating with you and just listen, and 3. Talk back but in your mind only.We we open our mouth, 1. Demons and devil takes your best ideas, dreams, heart’s desire and of course your life is going to be a hot mess, ALL OF US. We all have issues, rich or poor so this will “speed all of us up”.
  2. The more we do this, The more we rise up in our own lives, which then will rise us up to be near the Angels in God’s House.


One shelf has God’s products(religious/humble poor life) This is a lie, Bible is also used as a tool to Slave all of God’s People. Luxury belongs to God’s People. God’s people works extremely hard to raise up each other and life, like Angels. 

We was all supposed to work together and rise up together and I can finally see how that would look at. 


All come together with our shields 🛡 

And what I mean by saying that is,

We was supposed to be natural with earth. We slaved, hunt, and killed the animals. I’m sorry my fur babies. I’m glad even I get to be  shamed for doing this. Over birthing animals in one corner and look at the rest, Exile.


What I mean by the shield is,


If I starved myself in order to feed people, than how about the rest of world. Your not the only nation on earth. Your not the only Nationality and on top of that with a bright & dark history. Your not that the only beings around humans. Even the stars are trying hard to shine, imagine y’all humans. 

Animals: I am so Sorry, I slaved you and your Earth’s family. Maybe Earth never belonged to people in the first first place. Maybe ALL of us humans are Aliens from another planet, came over and fukked everything up, killed God’s fur babies Planet. Maybe this was there piece of Heaven given by God. 

Humans: nah, God said we ALL was born here on Earth but some of these stars 👨‍👧‍👦📸📽 are NOT shopping on God’s shelf, only Devil’s shelf. I shop on both, like most. Like a warning label, we all have to remember that too much sweets will make us sick or kill us. God’s shelf, there’s healthy fat but there’s also Bad Fats (baby demons  pretending to be Angels and sucking all the life force out of people), Look we live on Earth, so Of course we all have to shop on both shelf. Some of us hides THIS FACT and some of us pretends to not shop on one of the shelves.

There is GOD, the One and Only, so celebrities please stop saying ur a God. 

This happens to be my real name, and I went from Monteiro to Solomon by marriage, but I am 100% I’m only a human. 

And than, Stars: The richest aliens in our galaxy but all of you ARE NOT GOD.

And Celebrities are also not Stars ✨.

You see a photo of Human/celebrities/stars, 

than there’s the God & devil Levels,






Get the picture now? 🖼

All of us,

HUMANS (because God made us to reflect in his image), we are clearly God’s children. So the question is…


Did I get it right?

Or is the Aliens 👽 , the devil 👿?

If this is the TRUTH,

Than, we good humans,

Have to come together like 300,

To bring The Real True Education about Life, so they can raise their babies like 300. That’s how we God’s Children can win, raise everyone on Earth with OnLY GOD’s wisdom, light & love. That’s how we all can rise up on Earth, so please stop bow downing to these rich aliens or stop bow downing to the RICH devils.

He is only rich because we are no longer United, but as one nation on Earth, as One. It’s Clearly that Earth belongs to God, so I VOTE that we all worship One GOD together, Come together, forgive each other for all the History’s BLOOD 🩸 towards each other.🛡Take back Earth from the bad spirits that keeps us all humans from being as strong, compassionate, and as luxurious as 300 because God is rich, Earth is rich and it’s about time we “Speed it Up” over night, look around Rich or Poor it’s doesn’t look like we are WINNING this war on LIFE.

We are ALL ponds.

Can’t you see that even the richest celebrities on Earth is always trying to bow down to SPACE,”like Beam me UP”.

They are broke as fukk compare to these aliens.

If celebrities was stars why do we call them celebrities?

Celebrities are humans(ponds) trying to be like everyone of us on Earth, rich.

And we know in order to become rich there is TWO shelves to Shop From.

GOD’s Shelf or the Devil?

Even the alien wants us to know

that God is the only Thing that we all have in common or are Fighting for or against.

Thank you God, in Jesus name, Amen.


One shelf has Star’s products.

Earth + Life equals What are you going to buy from each shelf?


My thoughts - circles

My words-

My actions-







Forgive Us Father, Earth is no longer the Garden of Eden, We took her away from  YOU. We are sorry.


Spirits- our souls vs drinking 


The Power Source on Earth comes from 

The God within all of us

The Jesus that lives in all of us

And the Evil Selfish Devil that lives in us.

As we wake up each day, including me,

We need to let the Light /Love/Compassion…guide us.

Here’s where all the Power Struggles of this World starts and ends.


And we have this all wrong

When we have babies, keep that God baby as close to God as you can, for as long as you. Even, as they become young Adult. We are all loosing humans of all cultures, classes and Nations. Why because we forgot the main reason we are all on Earth. We did not come to die, we came to LIVE. Earth belong to humans not the devil. Remember God? If we already know that this Planet has both God and devil, wouldn’t that would be the first warning for me.

Everyone is under everyone,

Modern Day Slaves,

They Took Slavery away, and they Knew that day would come, but they also already had in Place plans B to Z.

Why don’t we call it what it is?

What it say since Y’all think your so fukking real and bold as fukk.

Look around, Egypt all over again.

Going Up real High on Pennies,

But U slaved yourself in order to get ur Pennie’s saved up.  You took it by Slaving Jesus People all over again. Every century, you made sure to change the locks on the door, Earth and you made sure to change the Name of the Game. 

Modern Day Art 😶‍🌫️🧠

That was Jesus’ Art 🖼

That was how we learned History of Life, through Life not death ☠️.

You replaced HIS Art with the 

Modern Day Slave Art☠️,

And that’s how anyone can Cake it.

Make money and be able to live in Peace, but it’s only Jesus People that gets to be Slaves on Earth, not Nationalities. Facts!!!!

Side Religions:

Y’all are fake devils behind God’s Mask.

  1. All of y’all need to be shut down, y’all messing it up, just by being selfish JackAssesssss.
  2. Move out the way, there’s a real war going on, just do your job and shut the fukk up, y’all clearly ain’t helping.
  3. I’m done.


War: If Y’all really want a Real WAR, give GOD a real Fukking reason for a WAR. PussyAssBitches, here’s why

  1. If left side is about God and Love, How dare you go to War over a peace of land, that’s ur neighborhood. You stupid ass, fake ass hiding behind God’s Mask. And wasn’t you that Killed THE ONE ✝️
  2. If right side is about God and their Families (their people)since they use that as their excuse to be a Terroris— to the whole World(why, I don’t know because Jesus’ people are everywhere🧐) and Notice who they end up killing ONLY.
  3. The right side, don’t target corporates, or politics since politics are supplying their weapons anyway, true.
  4. They Kill helpless and good hearted people ONLY.

The right and the left side is Wrong.

And there, it was so easy to come to that conclusion, so now let’s ask the real question?

Why are there WARS in the first place?

Lands? No, it can’t be that because there are because Land is Business. And it’s not the land that gets killed during this time, it’s the people that gets killed. It’s People that we lose and we make Holidays to Honor them all.

People not Lands. An Empty land or an empty house, has ZERO value if PEOPLE are NOT there. And zero value on Earth, if we humans are gone- from here, again Zero Value.

Return to #4 and read again.

  1. People vs people, and that’s what Earth is about, except History didn’t begin there / here Lol. History started beyond our comprehension.
  2. There we all Know in the began, this war on Earth was never about the ponds (childrens), it was about… Have you noticed since you was as young as you can remember, you always had the brightest light in you, your personality and there was alway that person, asshole little prick’s fukking up your happiness and trying to change your personality.
  3. Devil babie: these babies never had a change to begin with, the devil parents did everything in the power to make sure they kids chose that path( rich or poor families)
  4. God’s babies: these babies have to change their personalities, by choosing to fight the one that is being a bully off of them. And we all have been there💁🏽‍♀️.
  5. Monster’s babies: When God’s babies, die, fight, n gets inslaved by a devil’s baby. Now this human now has become part of this asshole chain of cunts in the World, just because they had to fight devil’s babies off of them, and their homes…remember?
  6. The right and left side both of have both babies groups living on their lands. Humans killing Humans.

Change by picking one think at a time to Protest TOGETHER as 1🌎🌍🌏Nation under God, Mother Earth, our one and only Planet that God gave to us Humans(let’s not go rob another planet and call it Ours)


“There’s no love in misery”

Don’t give your Power to life

We the People should ALL be free and we are not.

Who or What is exactly holding us back,

As one person and as one nation, Earth.


Planet Earth

All World Nations

Follow the same Life Laws.

For those that brings death

To this World, their pushment

Should be to Bring Life back to our Lives & Planet.

Dear father

people have no appreciation for you, they have no appreciation for your heart, they have no appreciation for anyone that has Jesus’ heart. God thank you for the light that you bestole upon me, I went to hell over and over again to show them your heart, to show them your kindness, to show them celebration and to bring everyone together. To show them joy and happiness, and to show them how it feels to be spoiled not only by material things but by love, Jesus heart, Jesus love, but they didn’t appreciate me Jesus.

They did not appreciate your heart Jesus, they did not appreciate your love Jesus through me.

Family and friends now they are all the same, jealousy coming from them, jealousy even coming from galaxy far away, jealous of your heart or anyone who has your heart.

Angelina deJesus Solomon



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