Words people hide behind

Do we all start off as humans or do we start off as something else? It's that question of are babies born already to a category of human beings, human monsters or human demons. And when do we transfer from a moth to a butterfly or from people to human beings, human angels, human monsters, or human demons? And when did monsters become the thing to be and become? People have monsterized Planet Earth for centuries. People are now being  monsterized 24/7. Most likely every movie you watch & love, every tv you watch & love, every song you listen to & love, all the businesses & brands that you love, and even when you are sleeping and dreaming, These beings find a way to take over your space as you dream of them and their worlds. How can the people of this World preach about Unification (Unify), Peace, Love and Acceptance but turn around and bring you everything else “For Profit”.

What should be the Foundation of human beings are now used only as a lie (mask) as People keep humans down, slaving and dying every second for their profits and lifestyle. These people continues to lie to us as they make us dumb and dumber and continue to distract our mind from what should be the real Foundation of the World. Those that Slaves will never catch up. I love how they make humans think that they are free when they are not, aka still slaves. These people know the power of Words, they know the power of intelligence, they know the power of our minds, and they know the power of our actions on Earth. Why do they use these powers to only raise themselves? 

Here are some words people hire behind.

When they are clearly not a boss. I find it funny when people say I'm a boss, when clearly they are not. I understand your using the word to express that you're feeling like you're on top of the world but it just does not stick. If you're going to say you're a boss, please actually be a boss. 

Are we born humans or do we become human beings? When are people no longer humans to the point of no return. Are people human angels, human beings or are people human monsters? What kind of beings do people become? Some humans become so evi l(kidnaps n Murders). Were they born evil? Or did they become evil? Why do they hide behind the word humans when clearly they are not. What is the Definition of a human? Why do we all call each other humans when clearly some of us do not act like humans at all.

Frozen Humans:
Are humans naturally born with a frozen heart or do they become frozen? These People do not kill physically but they do not care about other humans, not even 1%. They are as mean and cold and heartless as they can come. Why do we call these people humans and why do they hide behind the word human being when clearly they are frozen and should be under their own category. Are they born like this or at what age did they become frozen people? And what happened that made them become so frozen, heartless, with a “fukk the world and fuck everyone attitude”.


Machine Humans: 
You have the machine people. They only are alive when they are with the machine, the human part of them are no longer there. These humans are one of the most smartest, most successful people in the world but if they were to take a human test, they would fail. Are these people born like this or at what age did their human side go away and get replaced with the machine? Were these types of humans once the frozen type, or the evil type? At this day and age we are finally capable of having technology for these types of humans to now be able to read to wrap their energy towards the machine, where they no longer have to worry about acting (pretending to be) like a human, or deal with humans in general. Face-to-face interactions with these types of people are slim to none, or at least that’s how they would prefer most of the time if they could have it their way. Why do they hide behind this word human when right now they are just machines?


Children Humans vs Immaturity:
We use this word to define people who are immature. I’d rather say immature than call them children. Children, especially now more than ever, are not only more mature than a lot of adults but they are more mature than if you were to put a huge group of adults together. These adults would still be immature compared to one single child. 
The children of this world are held back by adults of this world enough and most are not respected by adults or heard by adults because of their age. This is unfortunate because most children have a lot to bring to the table, a lot to teach the world, and are hard-working in their own right. Adults are the ones that keep opportunities away from children and young adults because in their mind they consider them immature. If we were to separate these two words children and immaturity and use them separately, then maybe one day all of the children of this world would have more respect for the adults of this world, which would help to provide this World with better leaders to guide everyone, and give more opportunities in this world to people that deserves it. 
So remember children and immaturity are not the same. And I would like to echo that most children are well behaved and very positive, it looks to me that adults should look to children to learn how to be mature and behave and be positive and not the other way around or being used as an example in such a negative way. The last thing most children are…immature. So humans stop hiding behind this word and find a new word to use. We should fight harder for Children, start respecting them more, make sure they live in positive environments, give them the space and the freedom to just be a child, because when this happens the children grow up to become adults that are more calm and more mature that does not act immature or become so lost. When we are a solid Foundation from the beginning, we carry that in our heart and our actions through our lives, no matter how old we become.


Taker Humans:
These people hide behind the words friends, co-workers, family members, or a partner. These taker humans are not really a friend, co-worker, a good family member or even a good partner. These people don’t act like humans, they (fake it)  act like humans but they should just be called takers & fakers. These takers will even take your last breath if they are able to, they will take your soul, your innocence, your energy, your time, your money, your heart, your self-esteem, your body, your faith in yourself, and your faith in the world. They will take the angel light inside of you, they will take your dreams and desires. They only take, take, take, take, take, take, WITH NO HESITATION. They will take from you with a smile on their face while using their cunning words. The last thing on their mind or their heart is to give. They are not able to give. They hide behind the words friends, family, and partners but these humans should be known only as takers & fakers. They only pretend to be humans in order for them to take, take, take, take, and keep taking until your last breath on earth.

What other words do humans hide behind? Please let me know because I feel like this list will continue to grow.

Angelina deJesus Solomon ©️ 2022

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