Dear Successful Female Adults

In our 20’s we have to find a partner, get married, have kids, go to school, find work, follow our dreams and still try to be sexy enough for our partner or if we are still single to try to find a partner. Some of us, yes my hand is up had to hustle for a better life. We work really hard in our own way to make a life for ourselves and help our families the best way we could’ve. Not all of us females were born rich and came from a family with both mother and father to guide us and provide us with all the instruments that would make us rich, beautiful and famous. Some of us wake up every day and try to figure out how we are going to help our single mom and dad. Some of us don’t even have that, some were raised with just grandparents and some were not even lucky enough to have that.

So that does not mean that we don’t work hard to plant our seeds in life. I don’t have kids yet but I wake up everyday and try to figure out how I can provide for the family members that I do have. I remember when Jay-Z said I wanted to help the poor so I became rich in order to do so and like him not all of us especially females can become wealthy in a healthy way. 2-Pac lyrics in changes is beyond powerful, like when he said you operate the easy way ( I made a G today) but you made it in a sleazy way, selling’ crack to the kid ohh well ( but I gotta get paid) Well, hey well, that’s the way it is. What I love about both of these artists' lyrics is that they are as real as it comes and both brothers did not come from a well off family or parents that provided enough for them to make it in the world in a normal way but just because they hustled doesn't mean they didn’t change for the better. As females, we have the same problems, as I landed in American, I looked around in my hometown, from my Cape Verdean culture to the American kids, I knew from where I was standing, with my background, there was no way I was going to break the chain, accept like 2-pac said the sleazy way.

For all the famales who have become successful , wealthy, or beyond famous, y’all did not provide the right food for me at only 11 years old and in Junior High, I already knew that acting like a hoe, acting stupid, hustling, and looking like a cheap object was the only way. I wanted a fashion designer degree & unlike normal colleges there is tiny to no financial aid. I remember times that I couldn’t even afford to do my homework. Those kids had to come from a well off family in order to afford art or drama colleges, in order to afford fashion schools or fancy business schools because art schools do not teach you business one bit. And life is about one thing first and that's business. For females that actually wants a college education and degrees (my hand is up again) the struggles are and were beyond real.

For the successful, wealthy and beyond famous females, you are still not breaking the chain. Y’all too busy worrying about turning 9 hundred and 99 Million until a Billion that you are acting the same as all the poor young females trying to break the chain, survive and overcome.

Y’all have it all, including kids, marriage and success and you’re still running around looking like a cheap free hole. And your teaching the next generation that they have to become the same way, a cheap object, spending their money on the body instead of developing their brain and talents. As we get older, have kids, have the world and a partner, we still want to feel sexy but looking like a free stripper hoe, is not sexy and as a leader what are u teaching us that your talent that you work hard on is worthless compare to a person that became famous from being a stripper, hoe or a pornstar? These females are not leaders because they keep being who they really were even at a successful level. They are hoes, pornstars, and strippers and will always be. The fame will not change that, but when a real leader with real talent, God even talent allows these females to make her or him feel less because they are also winning and I understand that we are all humans but that’s when you start to lose yourself and give them power over you because now your acting just like them. Think about all the teenagers, your own female kids, and for the next generation, what should you as a real leader (man or female) teach them? To be a hoe or to be a girl/ women? Y’all failed in raising me as a teenager and your failing all the next generations. I see females have kids and dress up their 5 year olds to look like a hoe at that age.

In conclusion, history has taught us that men as a leader started this. They tried to to erase us from history, they tried to make us look bad in the bible, they didn’t allow us to have an education or careers and when that did not work out the way the wanted, they say that being a hoe, stripper, pornstar is the cool thing and being the others are not cool. Like being the perfect girlfriend or wife is not cool enough, how many times have they cheated on us with lesser in every way bitches. Men are the worst leader when it comes to us females and they continue to shit of us left and right. Like having more than 10 baby mamas and not being there fully for at least one of their kids. For all the real gentlemen out there, I personally want to thank you. Not all men are bad, and real love is real, and for all the amazing men in the World, I salute you and thank you in every way and ask you to please continue to hold on to your light in this World. It is because of men like y’all that we Women are advancing. Not only females are standing up for females but also because of many amazing men in the World are standing up for us, fighting for us, treating us like queens and not hoes, and y'all continuing to be a great example of God himself. Thank you very much.

Female, only we can raise our standards for ourselves and help each other remember that we are not just a cheap object on the shelve and they are not God and we are not here to bow down to them and their every gay ass needs of powerful and nasty desires. We are everything that they will never be, and these real hoes, strippers and pornstars are in it for themselves, not to raise up and change anything for the best. They want things the same because they are just like these bad men leaders. To these men and females I say go fukk yourselves and I hope Karma gets you a thousand fold. And for all the real people caught up in the middle of this battlefield, raise yourself, have your own mind because your parents might of learned shit or are one of these shit heads. Religion will try to hold you back because thought I believe in Father, I also have learned about how men changed the Bible to serve them best. Like a game of telephone, from when Jesus was on Earth to Centuries later of powerful men using Jesus as a tool for themselves and not give freely to all the people what Jesus wanted to give to us all, men and females.

Powerful rich people won't want you in the club, they think your going to dirty their fake ass clean club, and your partners, don’t take no shit from them looking like angel and turning out to be the devil himself. And if you’re lucky enough to have real love, well You have won, Congratulations! So yes, successful Female Adults, it's up to you to make a real change for the better because soon or later your real self will show up. You were always a real selfish hoe or you were always a real female. And remember there’s only two sides . You are with the dark or with the light so which one are you?

Angelina deJesus Solomon ©️ 2022

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