Bad Customer Service

Are you hiring people to provide great customer service to everyone that walks through the door or are you hiring them just to service the rich people of the World. A lot of rich people looks poor and a lot of poor people looks very rich. If Jesus walks through your door how would you treat him? Would you consider Jesus to be rich or poor? If Buddha walks in how would you treat him and would you consider him to be rich or poor? Do you treat a married person better than a single person because of the rings on their fingers? Do you treat a person that just finished a good work out worse than a person that is fully dressed and looking like a million bucks? If I chose to not buy something that day does that mean that I am poor or does that mean I simply do not want to buy your product that day for whatever reason, that I should never have to explain. Maybe I was too busy that I had to run out or maybe I wanted to sleep on it before buying it or not. Maybe I looked down and noticed that I had forgot my wallet but do not wish to tell you. Maybe I just wanted to introduce myself to your store so I can get a sense of customer service and all of the products that you have to offer. Maybe I did go in just so I can use your restroom instead of peeing my pants outside of your door. Maybe, maybe, and maybe I just do not have to explain myself every time I walk in your store and walk out of your store.

Why am I bringing up this topic? It’s so easy to treat a person awful on the street because there is no attachment. Am I saying that right? I do think some people should release themselves somehow so they do not mistreat the next person they come across and you should always stand up for yourself. Well this is another topic or article so let’s go back and focus on customer service. If you're a bad teacher, you should not be a teacher especially if you do not like kids. If you are a bad babysitter, you should not babysit or house sit especially if you do not like kids or you are disrespectful to another person’s home, kids, or pets. If you suck at customer service why are you doing this job? Allow me to be the first one to say that you suck and your bad service is making the good people that hire you look like they are the bad people by telling you that you are not doing your job right. Good customers work so hard at never disrespecting your company, your stores, your employees or at the service that you provide. The good customer usually goes in very happy because they are in love with a brand or a product or the service that is being provided by your business. When someone is hired to come into a person’s home to take care of their home, kids, and pets, they have already gone through hard work to make sure they hire the right person. When your customer service is bad, it makes the good clients very sad which then turns to anger because they feel like they have wasted their energy, time, money and trust, whether it is business that provides a product or a service.

Why do I really have to pay more for better customer service? The answer should be simply NO! Customer service should always be at a 100% no matter what industry you are in. You should always provide people with better customer service. I walked in one clothing store, spent 5 mins going through the racks and picked out 3 dresses to try on and then I asked if I could try them on. As I was in the fitting room I asked if I can get another size to try on because it was too small or too big and this whole time the customer service so very fun and made me feel very comfortable and happy to be there. As I finally decided on the dress that I was going to buy, I told this person that I was now going to sleep on it to make sure this was the dress that I wanted to wear that weekend, as soon as I said that this customer service went from 100 to 10 real quick. That person was out of nowhere so rude, huffing and puffing, rolling eyes and walking away. As I was trying to help put the dress away it made me so sad. This is the part that most of you would tell me not to go back. I slept on it and even window shopped at other retail stores. I finally made my decision and decided that I wanted to go back and buy that dress, so I went back and that same person was there with two other employees and I told her that I slept on it and would like to buy that dress and maybe an accessory to go with it. At that point I had to decide, do I tell that person about how they made me feel as a customer? I simply said I told you that I wanted to sleep on it and now I decided that dress was going to be my weekend dress and that I would like to purchase it and with a fake customer service laugh and smile she went to go get the dress that I was about to purchase. I did not have to try it on and I didn’t have to spend another 5 mins looking around. I chose not to spend my time while waiting for that person, shopping for more clothes or accessories which I could have easily done. When I paid for my dress, I told this person that I had also purchased a few gifts there for my friends, true story. And finally I walked out knowing that it would be the last time that I would shop there. I do not care if they have amazing new products or 90% off sale on older products. Bad customer service is the worst especially when they are so very fake to you, but are quick to shove all these products in your face to try to make you spend your money. That is also bad customer service, give me some space, get out of my face, and when I am checking out with already a lot of products stop still trying to make me buy more. You are making me not want to come back ever again. Tell your manager and your boss that it is not working. As an employee or as a business you're so anointing. Do we not go in and buy what we wish? Aren’t most of us returning customers? Get off of us and honestly it feels like a form of bullying or harassment. Get out of my face.I clearly spend enough money at your store buying what I want and Y’all still have the nerves to keep trying to force me to buy more. Stop with this bad customer service. Your customer service sucks, get out of my face. All of Y’all are so quick, including banks to take our money day in and day out but when a customer has a problem, you bullshit them, give them the runaround, make it impossible for them to contact the right department and y’all refuse to return their money when that is right final decision. Your customer service sucks. Stop making these bullshit emotional ads, when the last thing you do is care about humans, people, customers, or clients. Stop with this bad customer service, you lying piece of shits, I don't care if your worth billions, y’all still a lying piece of shits full of bad customer service and I hope there is a hell for y’all.

What did you get from this story as a customer or as a company? Hiring is easier now more than ever for some companies now but are companies hiring the right people? Are these employees making you more money or costing you more money? Are these people actually caring or are they there just for the money. Business is personal because you have to sell to a person (get it? Person, Personal) When you forget that, you lose people. And if you do not care about losing people, let me put it in a way that you will surely understand. If you do not care about the people then you sure will lose numbers. You will lose money and your business reputation will not be good because people will talk to each other especially in our technology age that we live in.

 Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2021

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