Poetry: The Forest of Nations

This is for everyone.

Religion, this is for you

Jesus is for everyone.

Like an Empire, Institution, Company, or Business, you are just for that.

I’m not Him, I will smack you with my 

Holy and my Father’s DNA’s hands. 


Jesus is for everyone.

Earth is for Everyone one, 

And Life is not a fukking Business. 

I’m not nice like Him, I’m Angelina.

To my Real Religion Jesus,

Thank you for being sooooo Real

From day one, Rich & Poor. 

You always took me in, you always kept me.

I see you shining like your 

driving in slow motion. 

You know what belongs to you,

just take a slice because you don’t need the whole Pizza, 

unless your like me & Selena, RIP Queen.

You don’t share the pizza, foodies, Love for life. 

Raise a glass too for me, don’t care if it’s 

only air blessing that cup. God, Jesus is for Everyone.

I’m not here to just make Jesus look Good,

I yell at Father all the time. I be like,

Personally if there’s a God

I think God needs to do his job & be God.

devil killing everyone and your watching,

What? waiting for 2000, 2020, 3000.

I’m Angelina,

I say devil & God

needs to handle their mess.

What?! Did human make y’all up,

So it would make it easier for them to

Just take, take, take.-Amen

Chinese took from their people.

Asia’s, the Greater China is Your Tree, own it.

You want to be Father & Mother,

Take care of your fruits, you have so many.

You want Hong Kong, you take care of Hong Kong, 

and continue that effect like dominoes.

My fruits, my Kids, take care of my Kids, 

or I will Show up, at my favorite Port, Hong Kong.

The Greater China, my Life, my Tree, my Love.

South America is a Tree,

USA is a Tree, 

Canada is a Tree, 

Africa is a Tree, 

Europe is a Tree, 

The Greater China is a Tree.

Austria is a Tree, I can’t wait to see Solomon Island 

on my way to Simon Baker Tree Land.

Humans messed up 

Region, Education, and our Souls. 

On our deathbeds 

We are sorry as fukk, Holy as fukk.

You Love them, then, now & After, that’s how.

New Love & Forgiveness 

New Education System

New Priorities on this Planet

Be the same Nationtionality

but join each other and become stronger

More jobs will give you a richer & bigger Land.

Don’t everyone miss having Fun?

A - COVID & you still need A

to keep explaining to Y’all.

She’s still in mourning on this Planet.

Europe Tree Land, all your fruits are dying.

Take care of my kids, or should I send A there next,

She’s a sucker for the Britz😍

Intelligent but take only what’s needed.

I am tired of seeing my Earth get thrown over board.

I live in HK now

don’t confuse me with the Chinese Princess

I’m Jamie’s wife and when you see my King 

and you confuse me with #2 


Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2021

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