Five problems the poor make

Black and all other Nationalities have to learn to raise themselves. Every Nation has to learn that they have to put their foot down and take charge of their Nations.

This is your First Problem or Obstacle. What can you do to achieve this? Stop supporting the leaders of your Countries, and the businesses that refuse to raise Y’all. Stop buying their services and products. That’s all they have on you and remember they need your every penny. They need your money and your time. They need you to worship them like they are God and tell all your friends and families about them so they can continue to treat you, your community and the communities around you like shit. 

Your Second Problem is your Leaders. To the leaders of your communities, Y’all  put everything & your own selfish goals before your very own people, your very own Nationality and your very own Communities, so of course now Y’all in the hot seats. Compare your house with the house of everyone in your community. Are they living in the same type of house, or neighborhood as you. You're probably in a gated community, and it must be nice to drive past the poor communities before you get to your gate. I bet you're so rich that you can afford to actually drive another path to your house, you know the street that the poor people can not afford to drive by.

Your Third Problem is you, The Poor People. Your one of the biggest problems because you worship these leaders, you bow down to them, you celebrate them, and you spend all your money on them. Yes its your fault, stop being so damn stupid. At this day and age, no one should be so stupid. There’s no excuse anymore. There're free libraries, go teach yourself. There smart phones, even prepaid ones, go teach yourself. There’s computers at the free libraries, if you do not have one, go there and teach yourself. Stop blaming the World, because the rest of the World are too rich to give a dam, so stop being so damn stupid. There’s adult classes that will now teach you how to read and write, stop shooting guns at each other and go learn something, learn anything, just anything except what you already know, thanks to the history of this World, which is killing yourself and killing each other. That just leaves more for them, the rich, so stop giving it to them for FREE. What do they give you for FREE? Stop being so dam stupid and go learn to take what is yours in this World. Don’t let Religion, Politics, or your Family’s Mindset hold you back. Go take what is yours by learning and then achieving. The sad truth is most people are too poor, their only option is to bow down to these leaders. Im sorry for calling you stupid, and mostly I am so sorry that you are too poor to help yourself. I felt like that and still feel like that, too poor and follow my dreams, to poor to stand up and help other people and Mother Earth. Being poor does not make you or us stupid but lack of Education and Opportunities does and in order for us to get that, why must we really die over it, or change our bodies, or act like animals, or lose our hearts, or lose our faith, lose our religion, lose our love for one another. Why must we lose our life for a life that we want? Are we fighting for this life or our afterlife, either way why must it be such a huge price to pay? And is this why the Egyptians tried hard to die rich and not poor?

Your Fourth Problem is Media. Your favorite Movies & TV shows are probably mostly the one that will keep you brainless, okay that’s harsh, but it will kill your brain cells and keep your brain cells from growing and that’s keeping you brainless, but what do I know. Please be careful what you decide to teach yourself because there are a lot of Circle Knowledge ( I just came up with that), the type of knowledge that will keep you going around the same circle over and over again like lab rats, get it. Hood rats, Lab rats, same thing. A lot of books are making millions and billions off poor people and they just provide Circle Knowledge, and make quick money for themselves and you stay where you are, keep wishing, keep dreaming and keep praying that Jesus will show up and take care of these selfish people for you. Some intelligent people will help Y’all poor People but Intelligent People will also use it to feed you Circle Knowledge so choose wisely people.

To the Social Media(s), LinkedIn is starting to look more like instagram and facebook these days. Why, well the stupid people of this World perfers facebook and instagram over Twitter and LinkedIn, and I am sure its very good for business when Linkedin give these people what they want, over making it a priority to push poor people to the front. Why not help poor people, with their poor resume, find jobs with these huge rich companies that only hire rich people with their rich resumes and stop feeding us Circle Knowledge please. Oh and the other Social Medias, that only celebrates Millionaires with their Millionaire lifestyles and then hire these people to promote their product, lol Congrats, that’s the right to make this World a better Planet Earth. Lastly, let's not forget if you're naked, skinny with skinny abs, or fat with a fat ass you will be the most popular ones. Y’all get all the comments and love. Congrats to all of yall, bravo as clap for the intelligence priorities of this World.

How many people do Y’all actually interact with face to face. When was the last time you had a phone conversation with one of y’all Social Media friends. The World got rid of face to face interactions, replaced it with computer to computer interactions and still stupid enough to ponder or ask why everyone are so Suicidal, Depressed or All Drug Out. This will sure speed up Human’s growth,

HASH TAG NO IT WON'T PERIOD. (#noitwontperiod)

Most Poor People do not use their Brain to get rich, and most Rich People do not use their Heart to care enough for the poor people because mostly the World Leaders made them be on a Competition Mode and they are only allowed to celebrate the Worst Sharks of this World and I am not talking about a hash business take over. I am talking about real life, outside of the office.

Your Fifth Problem is your Parenting Style. Look, the rich people can tell their children, “Be all that you can be, and Dream Big, reach for the Stars and have Infinity Potential and become whoever you want to become”.

Poor parents, you have to stop telling your kids the same thing. Rich kids and poor kids do not and will never have the same opportunities in life, and you're making it worse on your poor kids because they can never afford the same Colleges, or the same Acting School, or the same Music School, or the same Business get the point. Stop it right now, you want them to get ahead, be real. Teach them the real World that they live in. They do not live in the same World as a Movie, or Cartoon, or Music Videos, or an MTV Crib or at the Hilton’s ( I love you,Paris). Seriously, some kids are so rich they live in a fancy Residential Hotel. A rich kid can actually afford to go to the Moon just for a champagne lunch in Space with their friends if they wanted to. Y’all too poor to even know the things that the rich are able to do, all Y'all can do is photoshop yourself in Space. Again, stop making your kids feel like they are equals to the rich kids of this World because THEY ARE NOT.

Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2021

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