Options for the poor people of this world to become as close to rich, wealthy or prosperous. 

Most poor people will never become wealthy at one million dollars ($1,000,000) whether they make good choices or bad choices. Rich people do not need to break any laws in order for them to prosper. Poor people have to break so many laws, and go against what they're hearts and souls believes in just so their families can have a chance at life. 

Most poor people will never reach the middle class of Half a Million dollars ($500,000). Most people dream of this number because this would be a true Lottery Win and it would change their lives for the better in every way.

The rest of the poor people stay under this number of Quarter of a Million ($250,000).

Lets go lower, We have familias and single parents who work their whole lives just to be able to save One Hundred Thousand dollars ($100,000).

How many poor people actually have Fifty Thousand dollars ($50,000) in their bank account? We can google the statistics later, but if you had to guess, now it's the time to do it.

How many poor people actually have Twenty Five Thousand dollars  ($25,000) in their bank account?

And Finally we have Families on ZERO, and THIS ARTICLE IS MOSTLY FOR THEM that have a savings account under $15,000 and under $10,000. No, I am not talking about the selfish people that save for themselves and do not do anything for their families, their own kids, their own parents, & their own grandparents. Y’all selfish poor people can go read another article, bye.

It will take many, many generations in your families so one day your kid’s kid’s kids ( you get the point) can be able to live a normal life or have a chance at life.   What they do with their lives is up to them but at least somewhere in your grave, you can be proud of your family line. But sadly even this is not promised since most people or families on ZERO will never get this change. Most of them are dead, or in Jail, also known as a criminal with no chance of making a living when they get out. Most of them have kids way too young and too broke and breaking this cycle becomes an impossible task to do, unless you can guess it, become a criminal then maybe you will have a chance. 

How can these families help themselves and their families, when the World only helps and celebrates the wealthiest people in this World. Y’all have to help yourself. Yes, this World is a World of Takers, so you have to become a Taker. This World will spend billions to keep Y’all  so stupid and not brave enough, not smart enough, and not strong enough TO TAKE. This World spends billions to take from everyone and everything (Life on Mother Earth), so Y’all will never have a chance at taking anything in this World, and yes of course they want it all to themselves.

Another way of looking at this is simply that the World is so Racist and full of so much Hate, that they will spend billions on making sure certain Nationalities are never able to become a TAKER of this World. Ohhh Yes, we all know Blacks or Browns are hit the hardest, there’s no more denying it behind they're Billions.

Well since the Rich clearly do not need any more education, I would like to focus on the poor and educate the poor, as I myself keep learning along this journey while living on Mother Earth.

The poor communities a.k.a in the hoods, need to first learn that they need to invest in themself and each other. That’s the only way to speed it up. When people from the hood become wealthy, they should always go back and invest in their hood and the people of their communities. Most just move forward, they don't buy properties, they don't start businesses that will lift the people around that neighborhood, and mostly they continue to invest in the billions of the World, the World that REFUSED to let them in when they were POOR. So let's see, you will buy all the designer clothes, and other bullshit because you can now afford to but all your childhood friends are still dying or in the same place. I love when Musicians lyrics just send bullets to the hood instead of inspiring people to rise up. Excuse me, yes you can make it rain in strip clubs, but can you do that after you make it rain in the poor communities, where most of y’all are from. Keep it real and stop showing your fake ass money in the videos. For all of the real Musicians that continue to inspire all of us (poor & rich) to become better people in this World, We Salute Y’all and a huge THANK YOU from all of us.

The people that are born rich will never get what poor life is like. Donating to the poor communities helps a lot but donating just to get your money back from the Government and more money on top of that, just because you donated is plain bullshit and does not feel sincere at all to all of the poor people. The Poor shops at Payless Stores and Garbage Stores, where the rich go to throw out their garbage without feeling guilty, on their way to the designer’s stores.

This World is at a point where everyone can just walk over a homeless person without feeling bad. This is a major problem because where is the Humanity that? Where is HUMANITY? It’s Gone, yes Mostly Gone, and the People holding by a thread will never be strong enough or wealthy enough to BRING HUMANITY BACK.

In Conclusion, or an overview (whichever you prefer) poor communities, no one is coming to save you. The racist people do not want you to Rise Up (not talking about a photoshop on the moon), but they do not want you to be your BEST selves. The billions Sharks of the World do not want you to better yourselves because everything is a competition to them, & they want it ALL to themselves. 

For example, let's see who can be the first to travel the whole World and every continent and every Country. {!!Ookaay!!??}, how is this goal of Y’all going to change the World for better, you selfish people (Rich or Poor). Poor Communities stop killing each other, stop hating each other, come together and hug one another, and together come up with A WINNING PLAN. Another reason the rich wins is because they come together. They don't know what the poor pain feels like, so this will be the hardest thing for y’all to do because the pain keeps Y’all from coming together and creating a beautiful community where everyone’s talent and intelligence can be used for the good of this World.

You do not need to travel the World, not every corner needs to be seen up front and personal. That’s what Cable is for and the grass is not always greener on the other side. A lot of y'all live in a great Country and you have your ups and downs to deal with like natural disasters. When you start to love where you are from and where you live, it will be the beginning of a beautiful life. Most of y'all have tourists  in your town, see you're already fabulous, you just have to remember you're already blessed with God’s Gift, your own Community. Don’t let the World take you away from there and take you away from your true self.

When the poor are too tramatice to work together and come together, you have to remember that again this is just another tool, ( Trauma) that the billions hit you with, so you can never be strong enough, smart enough, or talented enough, therefore you will never become Independent as They are. Everyone deserves to have Champagne problems, not just the Rich so let’s BRING HUMANITY BACK.

Angelina de Jesus Solomon ©️2021


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